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Slamcast: Three Titles Change Hands at Backlash!

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Gordon Holmes,
Thu Mar 6, 11:13 PM UTC

Hope you didn’t fill up on hors d’oeuvres, cause it’s Wrestlemania leftovers night! We are live and in HD from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole are your announcers, and I am your recapper. So, let’s proceed…

ECW Championship Match – Christian won the ECW Title after hitting Jack Swagger with the Killswitch. Great match between these two, and the crowd was really into it. I’m starting to dig the All-American American, he’s like a smaller version of Brock Lesnar. The mix of sound mat wrestling with violent suplexes is always fun. Thumbs up on this one.

Christian was being congratulated by the other ECW good guys when Edge interrupted. Christian accused Edge of not being fun anymore. Um…ouch? Edge assures Christian that he will be fun when he wins his World Heavyweight Title back.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat – Jericho was victorious when he forced Steamboat to tap to the Walls of Jericho. The match was technically fine, but the crowd didn’t seem to be as into it as they were Steamboat’s past efforts. Very weird moment when Steamboat absolutely botched the application of a figure-four leg lock, it was like The Rock putting on the Sharpshooter-level bad. One fun moment was when Steamboat and Jericho did the small package out of a bodyslam spot that was the finish of Steamboat’s classic Wrestlemania III match. Thumb in the middle.

Backstage, Beth Phoenix begs Santino to give up the Santina ruse. Santino refuses, and Beth tells Santino she’ll never kiss him again. Um…ouch? (Yes, again.)

Kane vs. C.M. Punk – Kane defeated Punk after a chokeslam. OK, someone needs to explain Kane to me. He’s as popular as he’s ever going to get. He’s not going to become a bigger star at this point in his career. He’s lost enough that beating him isn’t impressive, and losing to him is kind of pathetic. Technically, the match was OK, but it seems like a wasted opportunity. Thumb down.

“I Quit” Match – Matt Hardy said “I quit” while he was tied to a table. Jeff ignored his submission and leg dropped him through it anyways. The match? Nothing special. The ending? Awesome. Jeff eventually got the better of Matt and taped his hands and feet together. He then tied him onto a table in the middle of the ring. As Jeff climbed a ladder, a helpless Matt begged him not to do it. Saying he loved him, saying their mother in heaven didn’t want him to do it, etc. Matt eventually said, “I quit” to make Jeff stop. But, Jeff did it anyways. Again, mediocre match, awesome ending. Thumbs up.

Oh boy…The Great Khali invites Santina to become a part of the Khali Kiss Cam, however Santina is already in love…with J.R. Before Khali can force Santina to kiss J.R., Beth Phoenix comes out to challenge Santina for the Miss Wrestlemania title. Khali chops Phoenix, and Santina steals a cheap victory. Afterwards, Khali rips Santina’s bra off. Santina runs off in horror while Khali celebrates with her bra. Meanwhile, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, and M.V.P. didn’t appear on this show…

Six Man Tag for the WWE Championship – Randy Orton regained the WWE Title after hitting Triple H with an rKo and a punt to the head. This one took a long time to get going, but the ending was hot. Triple H had Orton set up for a Pedigree, but stopped when he saw Batista was about to hit Cody Rhodes with a chair. Triple H stopped him, then turned around into the rKo. The punt caused Triple H to need to be stretchered out. Thumbs up

And what’s with the rapid-fire title changes? Edge won it at Survivor Series, Jeff Hardy at Armageddon, Edge at Royal Rumble, Triple H at No Way Out, and now Orton at Backlash.

Last Man Standing Match for the World Championship – Edge regained the World Title when The Big Show chokeslammed John Cena through a spotlight. Wow! Great match from these two. Highlights included Cena throwing stairs over the top rope onto Edge. Cena Attitude Adjusting (it was easier saying Edge into the audience, and the awesome visual of the Big Show chokeslamming Cena through a Bat-signal-like spotlight. And in what was a theme for the evening, Cena was stretchered out too. Thumbs up, way up.

And speaking of rapid-fire title changes, since Unforgiven it’s been Punk to Jericho to Batista to Jericho to Cena to Edge to Cena to Edge. Yikes.

Final Thoughts: Nothing except the Khali fiasco was actively bad, and the three title matches probably make ordering the replay worth it.


Wrestlemania 25: A New Champ Is Crowned

If you missed “Wrestlemania 25,” then you missed… New champions being crowned, ladders being used in amazing ways, hundreds of John Cena impersonators storming the arena, Academy Award-nominated actor Mickey Rourke squaring off against Chris Jericho, and more…

Tag Title Unification Match: In a match that wasn’t shown on the Pay Per View telecast, Carlito and Primo Colon defeated The Miz and John Morrison to unify the WWE and World Tag Team Titles.

Money in the Bank Match: CM Punk claimed his second consecutive Money in the Bank briefcase after kicking Kane off a ladder. This match was highlighted by Kofi Kingston’s innovative offense maneuvers including diving through a ladder to kick Finlay and Shelton Benjamin doing a flipping senton off of one of those ridiculously tall ladders.

Next up, Kid Rock played a medley of tunes that seemed to have the crowd bored. Kid Rock gets ten minutes and The Miz and Morrison don’t? Blashemy!

Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal: Santino Marella’s twin sister Santina Marella eliminated both Beth Phoenix and Melina to become the first-ever Miss Wrestlemania. This was a bit of a mess, we didn’t even get proper introductions for returning Divas like Sunny, Molly Holly, and Torrie Wilson.

Legends Handicap Match: Chris Jericho defeated Jimmy Snuka (with the Walls of Jericho), Roddy Piper (with an enzuigiri), and Ricky Steamboat (with the Codebreaker) but was knocked out by Mickey Rourke after the match. Amazingly, Jericho and Steamboat managed to put on a fun little exhibition. Someone give the Dragon a title match!

Hardcore Match: Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy after Matt put a chair around Jeff’s neck and gave him a violent Twist of Fate. There were a lot of noteworthy stunts in this match highlighted by Jeff putting Matt on a table, then setting up another table on top of Matt and splashing through the whole mess. Jeff also missed a leg drop off of the top of one of those ridiculously tall ladders.

Intercontinental Title Match: Rey Mysterio nailed a 619 and a splash on JBL in less than a minute to win the Intercontinental Title. This quick match was noteworthy for two reasons. First, Rey was wearing a very creepy Heath Ledger’s Joker-inspired mask and second because a frustrated JBL quit after the match.

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: The Undertaker caught Shawn Michaels in mid-moonsault and tombstoned him for the victory that bumps his Wrestlemania winning streak up to 17 and 0. This match was everything it should have been; big moments like the Undertaker missing his plancha and wiping out a camera man. Shawn Michaels finding dozens of ways to reverse the Undertaker’s trademark moves. The look on the Undertaker’s face after Shawn Michaels miraculously kicked out of the first tombstone. Good times.

World Heavyweight Title Match: John Cena gave the Attitude Adjustment to the Big Show, then gave the Attitude Adjustment to Edge, dropping him on the Big Show. Cena then pinned the Big Show to reclaim his World Heavyweight Title. Cena won entrance of the night as what must’ve been over 100 John Cena impersonators (Slim Shady style) lined the walkway leading to the ring as his classic “Basic Thuganomics” theme music played. The real Cena then ran through his imposters on the way to the ring in a very surreal moment. Cena also topped his classic “lifting the Big Show” moment at Wrestlemania XX by lifting both the Big Show and Edge at the same time. Wow.

The Hall of Fame inductees were honored next, and in what was an amazing moment, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out on his four wheeler for a final beer-bash salute in a classic “Austin 3:16” shirt.

WWE Championship Match: Triple H punted Randy Orton in the head, smashed him with a sledgehammer, then hit him with the Pedigree to retain his title. This match never seemed to click and the crowd didn’t seem to be into it as much as you’d expect them to be into a Wrestlemania main event. It even had an odd start with Orton hitting the RKO and Triple H hitting the Pedigree within the first couple of minutes.

Final Thoughts: Everything was very good, and Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels alone was worth the price of admission. So if you missed it, it’s worth your time to order the replay.


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