Household Items with Hidden Value

by | February 22, 2012 at 3:50 PM | General

At the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, business has soared in the last few years. Home to the hit show ‘Pawn Stars,’ the shop employs more than 50 workers — that’s up from just 13. Much of that is thanks to the show’s popularity, but it’s also because consumers are bypassing banks and putting up personal possessions for a short-term loan, as mentioned in a Yahoo Financially Fit article.

CBS reporter Farnoosh Torabi recently spoke to Rich Harrison, co-owner of the family-run business. She found that whether you’re looking to pawn or sell some old items for extra cash, you don’t need to look very far.

Zippo Lighters

Who knew? An old refillable metal lighter from the 1950s may be worth hundreds, or possibly even thousands of dollars.

Baseball Cards

A mass-produced baseball card probably doesn’t count, but an original Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio card has potential value.

Comic Books

The value of a comic book depends on its age, the number of copies in print, and the condition and print number.

Antique Clocks

That old clock on your wall, as well as other time pieces may have significant value if they’re mechanically complex, or designed by a reliable clock maker.

Grandma’s Jewelry

If your heirloom pieces are made of gold, they’re definitely worth a pretty penny, with gold prices soaring more than 20 percent in the last year.

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