Best and Worst Supermarkets

by | April 3, 2012 at 10:11 AM | General

In a new Consumer Reports survey, more than 24,000 shoppers rated 52 grocery chains across the country.

Wegmans, which has stores in several East Coast states, topped the list. The privately-owned company has appeared on other esteemed lists in recent years, including Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Wegmans and other top-picks received especially high marks for service and cleanliness. But of the 24,203 readers who shared 42,695 of their supermarket experiences, more than half had at least one complaint about their current store, and nearly a third cited two or more issues. Even the higher-rated chains gave readers something to criticize. The biggest complaint amongst consumers was a lack of open checkouts, followed by congested or cluttered aisles and advertised specials that were out of stock. Rising grocery prices were also a concern, and forty-three percent of readers said they switched grocery stores to find lower prices.

5 Highest-Rated Supermarkets:

  1. Wegmans
  2. Trader Joe’s
  3. Publix
  4. Fareway Stores
  5. Costco

5 Lowest-Rated Supermarkets:

  1. Pathmark
  2. Walmart Supercenter
  3. Shaw’s
  4. A&P
  5. Jewel-Osco

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