Caffeine Boost in a Bag of Chips

by | May 2, 2012 at 11:39 AM | General

Move over, 5-Hour Energy. The afternoon caffeine boost as we know it is getting a little… crunchier. One company now offers caffeine-packed potato chips and granola.

Arma Energy Snx foods are made with salt, spices, B vitamins, caffeine and taurine, the latter two ingredients commonly found in energy drinks, as noted by CBS News. A serving of Arma energy chips comes with 70 milligrams of caffeine and 290 calories per 2-ounce bag. In comparison, Red Bull contains more caffeine (80 milligrams) and has just 110 calories. Arma Energy Snx foods also aren’t recommended for pregnant women and children.

Could caffeinated chips be the next best thing to a latte? Many nutritionists don’t think so. In fact, some of them aren’t sure the chips actually work. “Seventy milligrams of caffeine is about the same amount in an espresso shot, which isn’t that much of a energy jolt,” nutritionist Jo Ann Hattner, a nutrition consultant with Stanford University Medical School, told CBS station WFOR in Miami.

AeroShot caffeine inhalers have also received criticism. The company recently received an FDA warning letter for false and misleading statements about its product.

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