McDonald’s ‘Healthy’ Drink Has 12 Teaspoons of Sugar

by | May 9, 2012 at 1:03 PM | General

McDonald’s has made healthy eating a priority in recent years, offering french fry alternatives such as salads, parfaits, and fruit — good news for fast food fanatics who may be alarmed by a new report that claims 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2033. That’s why it doesn’t make sense that the chain’s newest menu item doesn’t meet its nutritional claims.

On May 17, McDonald’s will offer Fruitifizz, a seemingly healthy drink created just for kids. The carbonated treat includes one serving of fruits and vegetables. Sounds like a healthy choice, right? Not so fast. Because the drink doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, a 500ml cup contains 49 grams of sugar and 200 calories. In comparison, one serving of this bubbly beverage has more grams of sugar than a bag of Skittles, which contains only 47 grams.

The drink also contains 60 percent of juice made from grapes, apples, and raspberries, and is combined with sparkling water and artificial flavors. McDonald’s has stated that since it veered away from including artificial sweeteners in the drink, it was difficult to reduce the high caloric content, as reported by The Telegraph. After testing 80 different recipes for the new treat, the fast food giant believes it created a formula that combines a nutritional advantage and appealing taste.

McDonald’s offers other healthy and kid-friendly options, such as apple slices and carrot sticks, but Fruitfizz isn’t exactly the best beverage to pair with your meal. The drink ultimately has the same health benefits a soda: none.

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