6 Ways to Profit from Lame Gifts

by | December 27, 2012 at 11:13 AM | General, Shopping


By Karla Bowsher, MoneyTalksNews.com

Whether it’s a tacky sweater from a relative or a useless knickknack from a co-worker, it doesn’t have to go to waste. Unwanted gifts can be turned into everything from karma to cash.

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Here are six options…

1.   Exchange it. Unwanted gift cards can be traded in for more useful gift cards – and even for cash. Check out 4 Top Sites for Selling Unwanted Gift Cards to learn your options.

2.   Return it. Stores like Kohl’s and Walmart accept returns even without a receipt. Both issue store credit, although Walmart issues cash for items under $25. Other stores may do the same, especially right after the holidays – just call and ask.

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3.   Sell it. The Internet offers your best options here. Start with 5 Places to Turn Spring Cleaning Clutter into Cash or 5 Best Websites for Turning Junk into Cash.
4.   Regift it. Follow The 9 Rules of Regifting for a successful handoff.
5.   Donate it. If you donate your unwanted gift to a qualified charity (see IRS Publication 78) and get a receipt, you can deduct the donation at tax time. For a list of items that qualify for this tax break, check the “Contributions of Property” section of IRS Publication 526.
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6.   Pass it on. If even taking a tax write-off seems like too much work, trade in your unwanted gift for some good karma by passing it on to someone who would appreciate it. If you can’t think of a worthy recipient, try a service like Freecycle, which connects owners of unwanted stuff to people who want said stuff for free.
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