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“Chaining” Inflation Gauge Would Hurt Social Security Recipients

By Steve Vernon, CBS MoneyWatch News Analysis (MoneyWatch) Among the policies lawmakers are considering as part of the “fiscal cliff” talks in Washington is to change how the government measures inflation in Social Security payments. President Barack Obama has proposed adopting what is known as a “chained” Consumer Price Index, or CPI, as part of […]

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When Should You Take Social Security?

By Allan Roth, CBS MoneyWatch (MoneyWatch) The foremost question for Americans approaching retirement age is when to start collecting Social Security. It’s a complex topic, and personal finance expert Mike Piper does an excellent job of clarifying the decisions in his short book, Social Security Made Simple. Here are three key points to keep in […]

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25 Priciest Private Colleges and Universities

(MoneyWatch) The U.S. Department of Education has released its second annual “hall of shame” list of the nation’s most expensive colleges and universities. Congress ordered the Education Department to compile lists of the private and public institutions with the highest tuition in an attempt to embarrass the institutions to rein in runaway price increases. This […]

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