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Dirty Money Spends Faster

By Roger Dooley, Forbes Here’s one from the odd-but-true department: we are more likely to spend old, soiled money faster than crisp, new notes. You might object that this makes […]

7 Bizarre Ways to Get Fined

Did you ever think you could be fined $500 for “molesting butterflies”? Residents of Pacific Grove, Calif., probably didn’t think so, either, until such an ordinance was passed. Some recent […]

eBay Inc. Bans Sale of Magic Potions, Spells, Curses

Searching for a special potion that will help lead you to your long-lost soul mate? Or are you in dire need of a magic tune that will help banish all your money-spending woes? You’re in luck, but only for a few more weeks. Come September, eBay will ban the sale of all magic potions, curses and spells on their auction website.