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Three Rules to Higher Social Security Benefits

By Laurence Kotlikoff, Forbes.com Social Security benefit provisions are so devilishly complex that I’ve come to believe that Satan, himself, had a hand in their construction.  The ‘simple’ formula for determining the total benefits received by a married spouse involves 10 distinct mathematical functions, one of which is in four dimensions.  And there are additional […]

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The Biggest Career Crashes of 2012

  By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes What do Lance Armstrong, David Petraeus and Lindsay Lohan have in common? All of their careers took a big hit in 2012. With help from my Forbes colleagues, I’ve compiled a list of the biggest career crashes of the year. Lance Armstrong Who is he? Former professional road racing cyclist; […]

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Dirty Money Spends Faster

By Roger Dooley, Forbes Here’s one from the odd-but-true department: we are more likely to spend old, soiled money faster than crisp, new notes. You might object that this makes no sense at all – twenty dollars is twenty dollars, right? If fact, new research from Canadian scientists show that we are more likely to […]

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