5 Common Misdiagnosed Conditions in Women

Symptoms like fatigue and fever can be an indicator of the flu or something much more serious.

Internist and Women’s Health magazine contributor Dr. Keri Peterson joined “Today” co-anchor Ann Curry to bring attention to five of women’s illnesses that are often swept under the rug by doctors who attribute their vague symptoms to a less-serious ailment when your health could actually be in danger.

What are the most misdiagnosed conditions in women? Watch this video to find out:

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Below are five of the conditions that are often overlooked in women and their impact:

Autoimmune Diseases
– Affects 23 million Americans
– More common in women of child bearing age
– Most common early symptoms, like dizziness and fever, are often attributed to something else

Heart Disease
– 25,000 under the age of 45 die annually
– Symptoms often misinterpreted as heartburn
– Only 30% of women experience chest pain

Ovarian Cancer
– 5th most common cancer in women
– Early on there are no symptoms and when symptoms do develop they are attributed to other problems

Hormonal Imbalances
– Wide array of symptoms can cause emotional and behavioral changes like depression, weight gain or trouble sleeping

– Severe menstrual cramps may be overlooked
– The only way to diagnosis is through surgery

According to Dr. Peterson, the key to finding out if you suffer from these or any other medical condition is to be vigilant of your health and consider a second opinion of necessary.

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