The Five Biggest Skin Sins Women Commit

Do you vigorously wash your face during an acne breakout? Does your hairline get neglected during sunscreen application? Are you constantly buying the hottest new products? If so, you could unknowingly be harming your skin.

Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure Magazine, appeared on “Today” to reveal the little ways in which many women cause big damage to their skin on a daily basis. In the story written for the May issue of the magazine, an array of studies and dermatologists concluded that “the most insidious skin problems are the ones we create by mistake.”

The good news is our skin is so resilient it can bounce back from most of our dermalogical goofs.

What are the biggest skin sins? Watch and learn:

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Sins and Solutions:
1. Blasting breakouts: when you get a breakout, don’t scrub and pick. You’ll just end up with flaky skin.
2. Not using the right products at the right time: use antioxidants in the morning to protect against environmental hazards like pollution and sun. At night, use retinols and peels—things that can work while your skin is resting.
3. Skipping key areas with sunscreen: doctors are finding an increase in sun damage and skin cancer along the hairline and ears. Make sure to apply liberally to all exposed areas.
4. Using retinoids the wrong way: apply a pea-size amount to dry skin, let it dry and follow-up with moisturizer.
5. Buying “the next big thing”: instead of jumping from product to product, be patient and use ingredients that have been proven to work.

For more about “The 7 Biggest Skin Sins” by Theresa O’Rourke, dermatologist Jeannette Graf, visit or pick up the May issue and learn about two more skin mistakes you could be making.

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