Census Bureau: Married Couples No Longer the Majority in the U.S.

Just as we’re recovering from Royal Wedding fever, the Census Bureau reports that for the first time ever, singles have replaced married couples as the majority in the U.S. population.

According to the data released Thursday, married couples represented 48 percent of American households in 2010. When compared to 78 percent of households being occupied by married couples in 1950, it seems there has been a shift in how the American family is being defined.

This new marriage statistic isn’t stopping “The Bachelorette’s” Ashley Hebert from searching for a husband. See what happened when she took the guys to Las Vegas:

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According to Census analysis by senior demographer Willam Frey of the Brookings Institute, 41 states showed declines in traditional households of married couples with children, while households headed by women without husbands have increased over 18 percent in the past decade.

So… what does this changing idea of family mean for today’s youth?

Bradford Wilcox, the Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, told The New York
that this definitely isn’t a positive change for our children.

“It’s troubling because those kids are much more likely to be exposed to instability, complex family relations and poverty,” Wilcox said.

Frey sums of the newly released Census with a reference to to a much-loved American sitcom from the ’50s and ’60s.

“The days of Ozzie and Harriet have faded into the past,” he concluded.

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