Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something Important

Are you someone that ignores everyday aches and pains? Don’t!

They may be your body’s way of warning you that something is wrong and that it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor.

“You need to listen to your body,” Real Simple’s Executive Editor Sarah Humphreys explained on “Today” while decoding the ways we’re warned about our health. “It talks to you all the time.”

Watch this “Today” clip and learn why you need to listen to your body:

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Humphreys and Dr. Lori Mosca of Columbia University Medical Center explained the different bodily symptoms, from head to toe, that you should pay attention serious to:

Thinning hair: can be a sign of iron deficiency, thyroid problem or stress

Change in the whites of the eyes: a yellowish tint could mean liver dysfunction and grayish color could  predict a bone or joint condition

Bleeding gums: have been linked to strokes and heart disease

Dry skin: can signal low thyroid levels

Leg and foot cramps: can be a result of poor circulation

Some of these issues are easily overlooked or misdiagnosed because people are turning to computers to research their symptoms instead of calling their doctor because they’re scared or embarrassed to ask questions. According to Humphreys, it’s fine to do preliminary research on your own, but that shouldn’t be your only means of keeping healthy.

“See a doctor in person because you really want to get an accurate diagnosis and an accurate treatment,” she advises. “Self medicating and self treating can be dangerous.”

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