Get in Shape Without Stepping Foot in a Gym

Fitness expert and author of “No Gym Required,” Jennifer Cohen, stopped by “Today’s” fourth hour Wednesday to give Kathie Lee and Hoda the skinny on at-home exercises that will slim any body shape.

Cohen says that while diet is 80 percent of the weight loss battle, these moves will help rev up the process. Exercises vary based on body type- naturally thin, athletic and naturally curvaceous- and since most people fall under one of these three categories, almost anyone can learn valuable fitness information from the “No Gym Required” regimen.

See the at-home exercises that will whip your body into shape:

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Naturally Thin: small-boned and tends to not gain weight easily
– Goal: build up should to give the body a v-shape and work more than one muscle group at a time
Exercise: cardio and strength training, specifically lateral raises combined with a leg lift

Athletic Build: the top and bottom of the body are in proportion and tends to gain weight in the midsection
– Goal: develop the waistline
– Exercise: elbow-to-knee standing side crunch with a weight and a forward lunge mixed with side-to-side rotation

Naturally Curvaceous: tends to gain more weight in the lower part of the body, like hips and thighs
– Goal: tone the hips and thighs
– Exercise: curtsy lunge

For more on how to get a gym-quality workout at home, check out Jennifer Cohen’s website and blog.

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