Laziest Cities in America Named

Let’s face it, most people dread going the gym. The idea of lounging in front of the TV is much more appealing. Yet, somehow a portion of the population manages to pry themselves away from the La-Z-Boy, change into their workout gear and hop on the treadmill.

The inhabitants of Lexington, KY, are not those people, according to a Men’s Health magazine study of the least and most active cities in America.

A father makes his daughter move out of the house for being too lazy on “Kicked Out”:

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The health and fitness magazine took quite a few factors into account when determining America’s Most Sedentary City—data on where and how often people exercise, the percentage of households that watch more than 15 hours of cable a week and buy more than 11 video games a year and the rate of deaths from deep-vein thrombosis (a condition that has been linked to extended periods of sitting).

Credit was also given for participation in physical activity as documented by the CDC in the past month.

Top 10 Least Active Cities
1. Lexington, KY
2. Indianapolis, IN
3. Jackson, MS
4. Charleston, WV
5. Oklahoma City, OK
6. Tulsa, OK
7. Little Rock, AR
8. Nashville, TN
9. Laredo, TX
10. Birmingham, AL

Top 10 Most Active Cities
1. Seattle, WA
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Oakland, CA
4. Washington, DC
5. Salt Lake City, UT
6. Reno, NV
7. Portland, ME
8. Atlanta, GA
9. Denver, CO
10. Minneapolis, MN

To see how Men’s Health suggest people get moving, click here.

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