Make Pizza and Ice Cream Part of Your Diet

What if you didn’t have to give up your favorite comfort foods like pizza, bagels and ice cream to control your weight? Guess what? You don’t!

Or so says nutritionist Madelyn Fernstrom, who went on “Today” and shared yummy alternatives to high-calorie menu items that dieters have traditionally thought were off-limits.

According to Fernstrom, consider this: Instead of ordering an extra large slice of pizza covered in pepperoni and weighing in at 750 calories, set your sights on a thinner crust, loaded with veggies and a dusting of cheese for a diet-friendly meal. And it’s even easier if you’re making it at home!

Fernstrom suggests flattening a 12-inch whole wheat tortilla, topping it with reduced fat mozzarella cheese and adding a few pieces of turkey pepperoni for a satisfying departure from fatty restaurant pizza.

Craving more carbs? See an array of options for figure-friendly bagels on Wednesday’s “Today”:

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If you’re a sushi lover and thought munching on those rice rolls was a healthy option for lunch or dinner, you’re wrong if it’s stuffed with tempura or fish with a creamy texture, like spicy tuna. Tempura and spicy tuna sushi can total up to 1000 calories! Cut that amount in half by choosing plainer options like cucumber rolls and adding a minimal amount of soy sauce.

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about those of you with a sweet tooth.

According to Fernstrom, we enjoy the first few bites (or licks in this case) of dessert most, so downsize from a 1,000-calorie banana split to a 100-150 calorie ice cream bar, frozen yogurt parfait or a chocolate covered banana with nuts for added crunch.

Go indulge without the guilt!

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