Apparently Men Like Their Women Skinny and Loyal, Not Overweight and Smart and Cosmopolitan magazine teamed up to conduct “The Great Male Survey” and “The Great Female Survey” to find out how both genders really feel about everything from relationships to appearance to family, and the results may shock you.

When it comes to dating, men and women actually share similar views on makes someone a good potential partner, both for now and forever.

Both sexes agreed that a sense of loyalty is most important when trying to determine if someone is “relationship material,” but men chose it over a sense of humor (25 percent), a sense of caring/nurturing (22 percent) and intelligence (19 percent). Both genders also agree that it’s “somewhat” important that the person they’re with is “husband or wife material,” but they won’t necessarily break up with them if they aren’t.

85 percent of women say they believe in marriage, compared to 66 percent of men.

Hugh Hefner’s former fiancée Crystal Harris didn’t believe in marriage—at least not with him. See how their wedding plans crumbled in “Hef’s Runaway Bride”:

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Now on to the juicy part of the surveys… looks. Brace yourself, ladies! For the full results of the polls, click here.

Almost half of men in the 70,000-person poll admit they would break up with a woman who got fat, while only 20 percent of women would end a relationship over weight gain. Ouch!

And even worse, when asked at what age women start losing their looks men replied 40, while women said men’s looks begin fading at 50.
A question about the “ultimate status symbol” divided the sexes entirely. Women hope to have something tangible to show off and, in contrast, men seem to be aiming for the more sentimental.

41 percent of women responded “a beautiful home” over “a very successful husband or boyfriend” (26 percent), “a beautiful wardrobe” (22 percent), “a huge engagement ring” (7 percent) and “an expensive car” (4 percent). Men who were asked the same question, 41 percent picked “family “over “a high-profile career” (29 percent), “a beautiful wife of girlfriend” (23 percent), “a beautiful house” (7 percent), “a beautiful car” (3 percent) and a membership to an exclusive club (1 percent).

It looks like HGTV has really slipped into our psyche, women.

For the full poll results, click here.

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