Drinking Wine Protects Against Sunburn?

Sipping a glass of wine may do more good than just helping to ease away the troubles of a long day, according to a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that suggests a component found in grapes can actually protect skin from sun damage.

The University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council studied the chemical reaction in the skin after coming in contact with the sun’s UV rays and discovered that flavonoids (plant antioxidants) in grapes help stop the chemical reaction that causes cells to die, ultimately leading to skin damage.

While there are already skincare products containing grape components on the market, Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona and director of the research project, believes her team’s research will be helpful in developing more skin creams to protect skin from sun damage.

“This study supports the idea of using these products to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation, as well as increasing our understanding of the mechanism by which they act,” she explained to The Telegraph.

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