Chew More, Weigh Less?

New weight loss studies pop up every day. But here’s a different take on the same old story. It’s not the food you eat, but rather how many times you chew each bite of it.

Call it chewsercise.

According a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the more you chew your food, the fewer calories you’ll consume. Chinese researchers found 40 to be the magic number.

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In order to come up with the optimal amount of times to munch on every morsel, two experiments were run with 30 men—16 obese and 14 slim.

First, scientists gave the men a traditional pork pie Chinese breakfast and recorded how many times the men munched on each bite. They weren’t surprised to learn that the overweight men chewed less and ended up eating more.

The next test was conducted to examine the amount of time spent chewing. The same men were brought back for two days—one day they were asked to chew each bite of the same pork pie 15 times and to more than double it the next day by chewing 40 times.

The results seem somewhat obvious, but nonetheless, the conclusion is appetizing.

“The men consumed about 12 percent fewer calories when they chewed each bite 40 times than when they chewed 15 times,” reported MSNBC. “It was also noted that they had lower levels of ghrelin, the so-called hunger hormone produced in the stomach.”

Who knew you could chomp your way to a smaller size?

The researchers concluded that, along with proper diet and exercise, chewing each bite of your breakfast, lunch and dinner can help keep you slim and trim.

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