Smallest Apartment Ever? Tour a 78-Square-Foot Home in Manhattan

With housing costs at a premium, most New Yorkers are willing to downsize when it comes to their living quarters. But one Manhattanite is taking it to extremes with his $800 a month walk-up that’s missing a bathroom and kitchen.

Luke Clark Tyler entered his “Barely Habitable” home in Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Small Home contest earlier this year and the pictures were something. But you’ve got to watch the video to get a feel for how miniature it really is. Undersized is an overstatement.

Now, it certainly helps that Luke is an architect because he was able to work some serious DIY magic to make this shoebox of a home livable. From the sofa/Murphy Bed hybrid to the custom closet, somehow he managed to find a place for everything.

But how can he be happy living in such a small space?

Well, his last place was only slightly larger, at 96-square-feet, his vegetarianism doesn’t call for any cooking that a dorm-sized microwave can’t handle and he grew up in a large family so waiting for the bathroom (shared by three other apartments) doesn’t faze him.

When Luke opens the door you might think to yourself, “It’s not that bad.” Then you realize there are walls to the immediate left AND right. That’s it. What you thought was a hallway or a small pass-through is Luke’s entire apartment. He cooks there. He sleeps there. And most mind-blowing of all… he works there!

I’ll let Luke and take it from here:

[iframe 580 476]

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