Date Nights Decoded: Which Is Best?

Where you go on a date and who you go there with may not be as important as the night you and your companion agree to go.

According to Chiara Atik of  The Date Report, the blog for dating site, there is a major difference between a Monday night date and a Wednesday date. And Sunday night… forget about it!

Here’s the breakdown for wooing throughout the week:

Monday: It’s “the antithesis of ‘date night,’” which might actually be a good thing. The reason you were asked out on a Monday could be because the guy or girl is truly interested in getting to know you and doesn’t care about what society deems a proper ‘date night.’ This could have the makings of a unique relationship.

Tuesday: Being asked out on this night shows some indifference because most people don’t plan for a ton of fun on boring old Tuesday.

Watch singles take dating to new extremes on the latest episode of “Love in the Wild”:

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Wednesday: It’s hump day for a reason. Statistically speaking, from a survey of 10,000 people, it’s the most popular night for dates. Why? Probably because people can see the light at the end of the work-week tunnel and are ready for some fun after an uneventful Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday: Whoever picked this night might not be fully invested in you because it shows they aren’t quite ready to sacrifice their valuable weekend time for time with you.

Friday: The last day of the work week might not be the best choice for a first date. A Friday night outing loses points because the end of the week could leave you low on energy, ultimately making for a ho-hum evening.

Saturday: Looking forward to a Saturday night date? You should be because according to Atik, it’s quite the compliment. Why? If someone is willing to give up hanging out with their friends on a Saturday night it means they’re confident the time they’ll spend with you will be better that what they could be doing with their pals.

Sunday: By time Sunday night rolls around we’re usually bummed that the weekend is over and it’s time to head back to work in the morning. What could possibly intensify that feeling? Having to sit through dinner and drinks with someone you may or may not hit it off with. This is the worst night of the week for a date!

Now that you know what a date on each night of the week means, go forth and mingle!

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