Old Navy Makes Another Fashion Faux Pas

by | November 30, 2011 at 1:03 PM | General

Clothing retailer Old Navy is known for catchy commercials, affordable jeans, and lately, selling graphic tees with blatant grammar and factual errors.

Back in August the retailer offered women’s “SuperFan Nation” cotton t-shirts on OldNavy.com featuring the slogan “Lets Go (insert team name)!!” incorrectly printed in support of the Tigers, Broncos, Devils and other teams. What’s wrong with that? They forgot the apostrophe!

Now, a mere three months later, they’re making headlines again for yet another misprint that could’ve been caught with a quick internet search.

For $16 you can score a Colorado, Arizona or Iowa t-shirt from the women’s collegiate line, printed with the wrong founding years, according to Yahoo.

Colorado, for example, was founded in 1876, but Old Navy got it wrong and printed 1878. The error on the Iowa shirt is even more careless as it’s off by a whopping 27 years.

An observant Old Navy shopper from Iowa caught the flub and alerted the masses to the goof in the comments section of OldNavy.com where the shirt is being sold:

“I thought this University of Iowa shirt was really cute when I saw it in the store today, but didn’t buy it because it says 1820 on the bottom. Iowa didn’t even become a state until 1846, and the University was founded in 1847. I guess it’s fine for those who don’t care if their shirt is accurate, but it definitely turned me off from purchasing!!”

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