The Days of Old

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category 5

This morning while I was at a gas station I spotted another woman at the pump wearing a sleeping cap on her head. Pumping gas just like everyone else, seemingly unphased by the fact that she was wearing a bright pink night cap on her head, I had to take a moment and really wonder what in THE world would possess a woman to leave her home wearing what society has deemed as night time attire. Now don’t get me wrong, we all have to make our “runs” out to the stores, you know, the daily functions of life, and it doesn’t mean we’re doing it dressed in full on fab attire. But at what point did we get to a place where we care so little and take such minute pride in our appearance that we can rationalize leaving our homes in pajama attire? It’s enough. Maybe your friends aren’t telling you, maybe your family or children are tired of mentioning it to you, but there has got to be a stronger sense of pride in how we present ourselves as women. What happened to the days of old? Where women wouldn’t dare leave their homes dressed in anything other than respectable attire. There was a time when to do anything else was such an embarrassment to your family that it just wasn’t done. As we are in the month of September, which last year I deemed BTS (Back to Style), I think it’s time we got back to what it means to be a lady. Taking fall into account, let’s cover some of the key areas of fashion where women are channeling what it means to take a bit of self pride before leaving the house!

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Pictured above (from left to right): Givenchy Pearl Necklaces and Crystal Brooches- ranging from $48-$125, sold by; Elizabeth & James Metallic Winston Tux Pants- $345, sold by


Oh what a classy lady she is, walking around in her black slacks with beige stripes down either side of the leg. Such a strut, and so much confidence to boot. This season it is the tuxedo pant that squeezes at the heart, urging women to buy them with zero doubt of style success on the horizon. Tuxedo pants (think Cynthia Steffe) are such a staple, as you can pair them with something as simple as a white collared shirt, polka dot pumps, multi-strand pearls and look absolutely flawless. You have to picture with me ladies, it is such a throwback to prideful style. No matter your Category of Style, look to tuxedo pants in many different variations, whether blue with metallic stripes down both sides or black with white stripes down the side, as these pants are the new must have pant of the season, and clearly coined essential.

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Gold button jackets…imagine with me for a moment. A yellow gold jacket (think J.Crew) with a double breasted silhouette adorned with gold buttons. Absolutely beautiful, and can we talk about the endless possibilities for a second? A jacket this fancy is the perfect piece to dress up or down. Pair with destroyed Current/Elliott jeans and a graphic cotton tee to give off a very chic feel, or dress up with say…black tuxedo pants with a white stripe down the side? Even better, pair a colorful basic cotton v-neck tee with tuxedo pants and then add on the gold button blazer to really show you know how to dress pieces up and down. A Cat1-2 chick will likely go for the dressing up, as this will seem obvious, but as you move up in categories of style it’s important to grasp dressing pieces up and down to get more versatility in your wardrobe.

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Jeweled pearl strands and brooches. Imagine how beautiful these would look when paired with your tuxedo pants with stripes down both sides, v-neck cotton tee, and yellow gold button jacket, you drape your neck with a multi-stranded pearl necklace with brooches adorned along the strands (think Givenchy). Are you ladies starting to get where I’m going with all of this yet? There is such an ease of elegance that comes from adding on pearls and brooches, and again they are key pieces that you can dress up or down. This is the definition of the days of old, when it was not just about the clothing, but also about the finishing touches. Taking one last look at your jewelry box to make sure you exuded every ounce of elegance you could out of what you had to work with. Finding the classic pieces you could dress up or down, and exuding a sense pride. No where in anything we just went over is there room to leave your house wearing pink night caps and flannel pajamas. It wasn’t acceptable in the “days of old,” and as someone who loves the look of fall 2012 I’m telling you here and now there’s no room for it in the days of new!

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