Fall Trends…the Confused vs. the ‘Could Care Less’ Crew

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category 5

We’ve been revving up for fall 2012 for weeks now, between pre-fall preparedness and the pep talks to give you that one final push before we start jumping in. As sure as I’m sitting here typing I can hear two different arguments to this coverage. One side screaming “I’m totally lost anyway, so go for it!” and the other yelling “Why should I even care?” Both arguments have one underlying commonality: A need to understand the definition of each of the fall trends for just what they are. Whether you’re lost or lacking style conviction, truly understanding the significance of the fall trends in question will appease both the confused and the “could care less” crew. As such, let’s jump right in with the first trend, black and white.

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Pictured above (from left to right): Clare Vivier Stripe Flat Clutch- $173, sold by www.shopbop.com; Maison Scotch 3/4 Sleeve Logo Tee- $49, sold by www.scotch-soda.com


The shades of black and white are and always will be eternal classics. This season designers are giving us more black and white than we can handle, almost to the point where it could be very easy to build a fall wardrobe based on those two colors alone. But pump the brakes, as this is NOT your free pass to walk around looking like Pepe Le Pew. Now, on to why you should care. This season look to black and white stripes and prints to create solidarity in your wardrobe, and to offer a firm foundation to build your pops of color upon. It is essential for all Cat1-5 chicks to focus on this trend, particularly the Cat1 ladies as this is a great place for you to begin your style journey. A fabulous example would be to pair a black and white striped boat neck top (think J.Crew) with a pair of dark orange wool pants, and an Elva Fields yellow necklace. Close that look out with polka dot pumps and consider yourself styled.

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On to the next trend, polka dots. The polka dot trend is a continuation most certainly from spring, although to be perfectly honest polka dots are eternal and we’ve likely been wearing them since we were babies in some girly fashion. They are a classic, destined to stay in style as long as we walk the earth. Now, why should you care? The beauty in the polka dot trend is that you can take it from one extreme to the next. You can go ultra-feminine by choosing a polka dot top in white and pink, or you can go rocker-edgy by choosing a black and white polka dot top with sequin accents on each black dot (think Alice + Olivia’s Ceyln polka dot sweater). You can choose polka dot print pants and pair them with a bright orange patent leather shoe, or you can choose patent leather polka dot pumps that will become the new style love of your life (think Kate Spade’s Licorice Pump). There are a lot of different ways to go, so you must ask yourself if your angle this season is to be edgy, super girly and feminine, or a mixture of both. Let that answer guide you down what polka dot path to take. A question I can hear coming a mile away, “Lauren, can you own too much polka dot?” The answer, no, you actually can’t. BUT, if you wear it all at the same time then you most certainly will look like a walking version of wallpaper (aka a complete mess). To do one more breakdown of this trend, think of it this way: A Category1-2 chick will wear a basic black and white polka dot top, a Category3 chick will have a couple different variations of the polka dot top, but not go from one style extreme to the next. A Category4-5 will own all types of polka dot ensembles, and will be a chameleon of style in how she chooses to sport them.

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Finally, on to the showstopper trend, the cap toe shoe. I’m absolutely thrilled about this trend, as it’s so very chic and stylish, it looks like you’ve put in all this effort to be fabulous when all you did was put on a pair of amazing shoes. Why should you care? Ummm…I just told you! Anytime you can put in little effort and get such major style results, it’s a trend worth investing your time and dollars into. A lot of the cap toe shoes out right now have silver as the pointed cap at the front (think Jeffrey Campbell’s Flava or Bullet Suede Pumps) and a solid color for the rest of the shoe. Some cap toe shoes out are of two similar shades, such as burgundy at the cap (or front of the shoe) and mauve for the rest of the shoe. No matter which direction you go, you’re going to look like a style genius. Beautiful shoes among women are universally appreciated. When it comes to a drop dead pair of shoes we all speak the same language. Throw on your Current/Elliott jeans, a v-neck print cotton tee, a pair of cap toe shoes, and plan to leave your house 10 minutes early due to all the style delays you’ll encounter from women asking you where in the world you bought your showstopper shoes!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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