Breaking Down Style Intimidation

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category 5

Have you ever seen a chick walk past you, and she was so beyond put together that it almost felt intimidating? Every piece of hair just as it should be, every accessory perfectly selected to accentuate her ensemble, and beautiful shoes that could break even the strongest of a style heart in two. I see her, we all see her, heck sometimes we are her, or at least we hope to be. She is intimidating, whether you’re brave or honest enough to admit it. She brings about both a sense of discomfort, as you look at what you’re wearing, wondering if you measure up, and at the same time a sense of pleasure, that there are women out there that can truly hide their flaws from the world. I must say, I love style intimidation. It’s what I thrive on, what I anticipate, and a welcoming challenge. What do we have in this world if nothing to compare what it means to be “great” in any chosen field? How do we know what to strive for if all we surround ourselves with and see day in and day out is all ordinary with zero glimmer of extraordinary? Let’s cover exactly why you should make it your mission to be intimidated, no matter where you believe your confidence truly resides.

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Whether in person, on television, or in magazines, we all see the stick-thin models wearing beautiful clothes (well, the majority of the time), styled with beautiful hair and beautiful makeup. It all looks…beautiful, and let’s be honest, a little blah blah blah. Get to the heart of the matter, she didn’t dress herself or style herself. A visionary puppeteer in the back created that magnificent intimidation you see staring back at you. It’s your job to look past the model, see only the clothes, and find intimidation in what the puppeteer delivers to you each season. Find intimidation in figuring out whether or not that look could ever work for you. Find intimidation in testing out if that type of navy blue smoky eye would ever look as fabulous on your brown eyes as it did on her green eyes. It is the curiosity in the things you will seek to find that ensure you never end up nothing more than a style shell of a woman wondering at the age of 60 how you let “things” get so out of control. I mean, the only solid explanation for why a woman would have the “balls” to rock out the same hairstyle 10 years in a row is because she never surrounded herself with people and images that put pressure on her to change. These women I see wearing their hair braided down their backs that touches their bottoms, walking around as if they’re proud to have spent all this time growing their hair and never changing…who are they kidding??? What would you have looked like with a layered edgy cut and sexy bangs? Guess you’re willing to never know!

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It’s time to start surrounding yourself with other women that will push you, that will make you uncomfortable about your sense of complacency. Even if you’re that chick that believes you’ve got it all together, who are you kidding love? Hate to burst your imaginary bubble, but there’s no such thing…that chick doesn’t exist. We are all works of art in progress, and as long as we continue to find intimidation in the unknown, that art will mold itself into a true masterpiece.

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So here is my PSA (Public Style Announcement) to all women walking the Earth, if you’re living your style life day in and day out in a place of comfort, surrounded by the safety of what you know…you are hiding, even though you may be in plain sight for others to see. You’re hiding what you could be, and settling for nothing more than a bulky blazer with shoulder pads, elastic waist pants, and one coat of sad mascara in the name of a flawed “beauty routine.” Let’s call a spade a spade, a quitter a quitter, and a TAN (That’s A NO!) a TAN. Get yourself in a position to not only be intimidated by style, but to take it on as a challenge and a battle worth fighting for. You’ll thank yourself when you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror and find that you’re doing a bit of intimidating all on your own!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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