The Weight of Style

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category 5

I recently found myself in a conversation with a woman who’s a size four with an hourglass body shape and a double F bra size. All natural, this is just the way her body was made with zero enhancements. During lunch, she stopped the conversation and asked me a question that left me reeling. “Lauren, do I look fat to you?” I replied the only way I knew how, which was “huh?” She didn’t relent, and began again. “Tell me the truth. Do I look fat to you? Am I fat?” After giving her multiple and emphatic “NOs,” I was honestly so taken aback from the conversation that I did my best to change the subject. I want to know what this insane obsession in the world of style is with being fat, and feeling so freely to even venture to the notion that you’re fat when you’re a size four. Who cares???? Honestly, who cares if you’re fat? You’re fat. You’re not fat. Are you fabulous?!?!? Isn’t that the more important question? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and while I’m not degrading the need to be healthy, I am questioning this mythical woman in her double zero clothing that has left generations of women completely confused about what it means to love your own body. Now, what if I had said to this size four hourglass, “Yes, you are fat! You are absolutely positively fat, and OMG do you need to lose some weight.” Besides the fact that I would have been lying, what would that have accomplished? Would she have jumped off a bridge in anguish, or would her life of self-loathing have continued on? I venture to guess that no matter my response her need to self-loath would indeed continue on. What we have to get to the root of is that you must surround yourself with clothing that accents your figure, so that you feel beautiful, chic, and comfortable in your own skin.

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(Surface to Air Coco Blazer- $580,; Everly Zig Zag Shift Dress- $52,


Let’s begin with the skin tight chicks. How can you come off so uncomfortable in your own skin and attire, yet you’re wearing a rayon top that looks like it is 50% elastic and meant to allow for minimal breathing? Why do women torture themselves? If tops that are too tight make you feel fat, here’s a simple suggestion, STOP wearing tops that are too tight! This is not rocket science and the answer truly is in front of you. If you used to be a size two, had three babies, and can’t get back to that two or rid of that residual muffin top you’re carrying around, instead of wearing clothing that only lets the world know you had three babies, maybe consider putting on some high waist jeans to suck in that belly and a flowy print tunic to move the eye everywhere but to your core.

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On the hard facts…statistics say that the United States is an obese country. Let’s face it, more women are overweight. With that hard fact, outside of doctor monitored diet and exercise to lose weight, what are you going to do with your style in the meantime. Are you going to hold off on buying bigger worthwhile clothing until you “lose all your weight?” And once five years goes by and you still haven’t lost all your weight, are you going to wait another five? Waiting for the perfect size to get aboard the style train is a useless pipe dream. We are to work our style day in and day out, no matter our circumstances or excuses. We are to accept larger hips and cottage cheese thighs, knowing that if you’re a pear then high waist wide leg flowy pants (with a fab silk blouse tucked in) will only serve to accent your smaller waist and minimize your hips. You are to pick easy to wear silhouettes such as Everly’s Zig Zag Shift Dress to allow for chic flow, all the while remembering to add on a fabulous blazer (think Surface to Air’s Coco Blazer) to create structure. Big picture…you are to care and understand that your weight should NEVER be a determination for what category of style you reside at.

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You know the world of style has gone to hell in a hand basket when a size four hourglass can ask you with a straight face if she’s fat. Ladies, where are our minds at? We have to stay focused on the task at hand, which is that no matter your shape, weight, or circumstance, the ultimate goal is to be fabulous in the body you reside in. We only get one go-round at this, so you better make every show-stopping moment of style count!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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