What Is a Style Morpher?

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category 5

“You can be what you want to be.” Is this really true in the world of style? Can you really take on any look you want, become almost a new person based solely on appearance? Truth…absolutely! Hopping around from one genre of style to the next, one look to the next, one hair style to the next…that’s what it’s all about. Never fully setting roots in one particular arena in the world of style. I like to call women that manage to pull this off Morphers. At any given moment they can change their look on a dime, and be almost completely unrecognizable.

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While your top can be conservative on the top half, morph your bottom half! (From left to right: Toothpick Jean in Geometric Print- $135, www.jcrew.com; Tibi Swiss Dot Tuxedo Blouse- $285, www.tibi.com; Collection Café Capri in Green Tie Silk- $228, www.jcrew.com)


Just last summer I gave bangs a shot, and I kid you not I walked into the television studio and half the people that greet me each week had no clue who I was. No flippin’ clue! That’s a Morpher! It’s not only about keeping yourself on your toes, but everyone else around you on their toes. They never truly know what to expect from you, with the only singular truth being they will likely want to own at least one thing you’re wearing.

Now, how do you know if you’re not a Morpher? Simple…if you’re the type of chick that makes statements to other chicks like “I wish I could change my hair. I wish I was brave enough to wear that.” The hard truth between a Morpher and everyone else is that while one lives in fear the other resides in confidence.

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Let’s check out a couple of the top ways to attain the level of Morpher in the world of style.

“You can’t get everything you need from one person.” I hear this saying a lot in life, and applying that theory to the world of style is of essence. You can not (let me repeat…can not) get everything you need from one designer. There is no one designer that can fully express who you are. Sure you can have your favorites, but a true Morpher knows that what she needs can’t be found through the expressions of one designer’s mind. Contrary to what the designers would like you to believe, as come on they want the sale like anyone else, you have to be willing to mix and match the designers you choose. I have been in closets where I kid you not everything hanging up was from ONE store. Shame. And I’m going to be super honest because you can handle it, lazy to boot. How lazy is it to walk into one store and build your entire look for the season? Beyond.

If the store you’re shopping in is made up of super conservative styles, guess what, you have just become a chick with super conservative style. That said, what about the edge in your style, or the humor in your personality that should be translated through your wardrobe choices.

It’s never enough to look in once place and expect to find everything you need. Maybe you get your knee high colorful print socks from Target because they’re $2.50 and look just as good as Juicy Couture’s version selling for $20. Maybe you snag a pink floral print collared shirt as your ode to conservative, but pair it with a sequin polka dot short sleeve top to give you glam-fab. Maybe to truly shut that look down you need Tibi’s white tuxedo pants with the black stripe down the side. Well there’s no “maybe” in the fact that everything I just named CAN’T be found by one designer only. DVF has one vision, Marc Jacobs has another, and J.Crew has theirs. Learn to blend these different designers until you morph into a woman that is almost unrecognizable based on the bold choices you’ve made. And if at any point in your life someone has labeled your style “conservative,” let me tell you, they’re not complimenting you… they’re insulting you, as that’s just another PC term for boring.

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Outside of clothing, the quickest way to become a Morpher is to change up your hair. Guaranteed that if you never had bangs and all of sudden started rocking them, the style press will stop. If you’ve always been the type to wear bangs and you FINALLY pinned them or braided them back, you will make an impact. If you’ve always had brown hair, but decided to switch to red with blond highlights, uh huh…you’re a Morpher. It’s willing to stare fear of the unknown in the eyes, and let the confidence that runs through your veins be enough to sustain any risk you take.

As we forge on through 2012, I encourage you all to be Morphers, and cut all the status quo out. It’s a boring disservice to yourself, and to the generation up next watching you for inspiration!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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