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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

Ladies, there is a question within the style community that is causing nothing but confusion and disdain among us. A question that so many women clearly do not know the answer to, as they leave their homes half dressed. A question that is turning up the noses of women left and right, at every shopping mall and grocery store. “Are leggings pants or thick tights?” This is the question! The question that so many women do not know the answer to, and I must say, I cannot blame them. Let’s be honest, leggings don’t come with a “how to wear so you don’t look class-less” guide. I think there are points in time where we all wish they did. Let me first begin by answering this question, which I received from a reader struggling over this topic, and then give you the guide to wearing leggings versus fitted pants.

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Pictured from left to right: HUE Cotton Leggings- $28,; Commando Matte Opaque Tights- $34,; J.Crew Minnie Pants- $89.50,


Leggings are thick tights. They are thick tights ladies, and meant to cover your moon (aka backside) just as if you had on a pair of black and purple plaid tights. Would you ever dare to leave your home wearing a jersey cotton tee that stopped right below your belly button, paired with brown tights and boots? Never! You would be showing the world your entire moon and the underwear you chose to cover it with for the day. If you walked into a store dressed as such, I could imagine you might be asked to leave. “No shoes, no shirt, NO PANTS, no service.” If you leave the house in leggings, which are just a thicker version of tights, you must cover your moon with a longer top. Whether that be a tunic top (hits about mid-thigh), or even a shorter mod dress (think back to the days of Twiggy or Mary Tyler Moore), the length must cover your moon. No questions asked.

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Now there is a gray area here, as designers are releasing pants that are just as tight as leggings, but are truly made of a material thick enough to be considered pants. J.Crew’s Minnie Pants are the perfect example. They have two versions, one cotton and another wool, both made with stretch, and both very fitted to the point where even cellulite shows through if you purchase them in a brighter color (i.e. flame red or bright pink). The question: Should you be expected to wear a longer top when wearing pants like these? The answer: It depends. It truly depends on the age and state of your moon.

Perfect example, I was working with a client who was in her mid-forties and had a body to die for. A true size two without even a hint of cellulite or flabbiness on her lower half, when she tried on the Minnie Pants in the flame red, they looked beyond fabulous (and left nothing to the imagination). She immediately felt self-conscious, and was concerned that the pants fit her so well that you could see every curve of her lower body. When she stepped out of the fitting room, all I could say to her was “OMG, chick you better work that body and be proud!” That said, I chose tops for her that stopped right at the middle of her moon, so that she could show her fabulous body, but still look appropriate doing it. What I created for her was balance, where she was age appropriate while still accenting her shape in the process.

Strictly in the context of fitted pants: You have to be truly honest with what your lower half looks like, coupled with your age, and then make an educated decision. No matter your age, if your moon and legs have cellulite, your goal is to focus on tunic tops/dresses that hit at the mid-thigh when wearing super fitted pants like the Minnie (and also buy the pants in darker shades such as navy and forest green). If you are over forty and have a moon that is literally out of this world, then your goal is to focus on tops that AT LEAST stop mid-moon, and pick any color you want.

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Strictly in the context of leggings and tights…cover your moon. It is never necessary to show the world your moon (stars, crater rocks, or any other galactic fantasy) in public.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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