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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

So Christmas is over and we’re officially in the new year. Everything is on sale, and left and right you’re starting to see a glimmer of spring clothing online and in stores. A peek of floral here and there, with touches of neon and bright white. The question you really need to have the answer to: “Is now really the time to shop and work towards building a worthwhile wardrobe?” Honestly, absolutely…NOT.

I am sorry to disappoint if you were so ready to get the whole “new year, new you” cliché going, but right now we’re in what I call “The Dead Zone,” and this is not the time to spend even one penny on clothing and accessories unless you have a strong strategy in place. As for the term “The Dead Zone,” let’s cover both its definition, and ways to ensure you don’t spend needlessly while we’re in it.

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Pictured from left to right: Corilynn Riding Skirt in rust on left and ginger in center- $115, sold by; Kule Lightweight Jayden Jacket- $425, sold by


All fall and winter releases are essentially done. At this point in the style game, designers are releasing Resort and Pre-Spring collections. So from a fall/winter perspective, a lot of the best pieces that were released have come and gone, likely having already went on sale and sold out, or just sold out upon initial release. That pretty much cancels out shopping for cold weather.

As for Resort/Pre-Spring, I’m going to tell you the truth as it relates to these collections (because you CAN handle it!), the best is yet to come. I always laugh when I see most of these collections because they are a watered down version of the beauty that’s getting ready to come in the spring collections. It feels like the designers said, “Let’s make a few extra bucks while we wait for the weather to warm up.” Well those few extra bucks happen to be YOUR bucks, and the last thing your style needs is watering down at the start of the year.

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If you were able to get the full picture of what’s coming out in March/April compared to what’s being sold in stores now, you would be appalled at what you’re thinking about purchasing. But as I’ve got the full picture, I’m here to tell you that unless the purchase in question can be labeled with the phrase we all love to hear in the world of style, “year-round essential,” it’s money wasted.

That brings me to the most pertinent piece of style information you need to navigate during the next couple of months: How do you actually classify a piece as a year-round essential? A year-round essential is anything that you can wear in both the warm months by wearing as is, layer in the colder months, can be dressed up and down based on function, and has no sense of “trendy.” All of these factors have a direct effect on the longevity of the piece in your wardrobe.

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For example, if you take Corilynn’s Riding Skirt (shown above) in either rust (burnt orange), or ginger (dark yellow), this piece can be worn now with tights and in the warmer months without. The pleat down the front and pockets on the side are beautiful design details which make the skirt feel timeless, almost like a vintage piece you would expect to see in the seventies. This eliminates the “trendy” factor, as this skirt will never go out of style. As you could pair this skirt with a lace top (think Joie) to dress up, or jersey cotton tee to dress down, you have full functionality in where you can sport this skirt. Essentially, this designer could put this skirt up for sale at any point during the year (style the model based on the current season), and it would be a relevant purchase. That is what you’re looking for if you are contemplating a purchase now. If the style item in question can not meet those guidelines, save your money, as spring is just around the corner and with it will come beyond beautiful pieces to elevate your current style.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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