Will You Finish What You Started?

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category5Style.com

As we all know, March is the official kickoff for spring. It’s the time of year where we can expect to see beautiful colors and amazing prints. While fall is typically considered to be the biggest fashion season of the year, we can never discount the beauty that spring brings. But before we embark on the style path that is to come, the question must be asked “Are you ready to finish what you started?” I’m talking about a no-excuses approach to taking your style to the next level. None of that “once I lose the weight” this or “I’m too old” that. Excuses are a trap, and whether you’re ready to hear it or not, there is always a solution for every excuse you could possibly give. So in the interest of being beyond ready for spring, let’s break down the common excuses women make that delay reaching their style goals.

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Hands down, THE NUMBER ONE excuse I constantly hear women give as to why they don’t shop is always centered on their weight. “Lauren, I have 25 more pounds to go, and then I’ll be ready.” “I’ve got to lose this baby weight before I can worry about my wardrobe.” What is this notion that you need to be at your perfect weight before you can achieve your own perfect style? Rubbish. You have to be realistic. What if it takes you five years before you lose the weight? What about 10 years? Are you really comfortable looking like a total mess for that long? I’m hoping the answer is no. It is key to shop no matter where you are with your weight, as you never know how long you’ll actually be delayed. You shop for where you are, and worry over the destination when you get there. Don’t think I can’t hear you saying “Lauren, I don’t want to waste my money on one wardrobe only to have to buy another one.” Rubbish. That’s what the tailor is for! Furthermore, the woman you are and style you gravitate towards at one size could and will likely be completely different as your weight changes. You aren’t living in a bubble, which means that as time ticks on you go through new life experiences which will shift who you are, and in turn your style.

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Next excuse I hear constantly… “Lauren, I do love the examples you give, but I’m too old to wear that.” Rubbish. I want to know who told you that aging means you have to let go of all the things that you find to be beautiful for some version of wet blanket style. I’m willing to bet you told yourself that. I seriously doubt you had on a fabulous pair of dark wash Hudson jeans paired with a silk print Kate Spade top and to your dismay someone approached you and said “Honey, you know you are too old to be looking fabulous!” You know that didn’t happen! You really must shop where the wild and beautiful things are, and discover pieces that make your heart beat faster. Within all of us there exists a vision (no matter how blurry) of what we believe we could look like, and you won’t discover this dream chick rocking out 80s style suits, elastic waist pants, and a makeup bag consisting of only mascara (because you don’t need all that “stuff” anymore). Douse yourself with some cold water, get some courage (liquid if you’re truly lacking it within), and get yourself back in the game.

Finally, the excuse I hear regularly that is the most valid of the three is budget. Shopping on a budget is truly no fun (believe me, I know), but for most of us those are the breaks. The option of stopping off at Chanel and Dior to pick up a few FAB things is most certainly laughable. Can you build a superb wardrobe on a budget? Yes, but it will take time. I always find it annoying when people don’t give all the facts when it comes to budget, as failing to temper a woman’s style expectations can quickly leave her defeated. Understand that to build a wardrobe you deeply love on a budget, you have to be both patient and picky. Patient to wait for the things you love to go on sale, and picky enough to pass on scraps because the price tag is appealing. A budget chick must wait for the sale when hoping to snag those showstopper pieces. That’s not to say you can’t get essentials at a great price point, such as jersey cotton tees and print scarves, but there’s no substitute for quality when it comes to items like jeans and trenches. As you wait for the sale, keep yourself busy in the beauty department. Focus on beautiful nails (think Essie and Butter London) and creative jewelry (Burnish and LemonTreeLand on Etsy.com). You may think these areas are minor in comparison to clothes, but there’s nothing like a chick who knows how to do the flippin’ thing with her makeup and rock out envy-worthy accessories to boot!

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If your style isn’t where you want it to be, ask yourself honestly what excuses are holding you back. Stomp them out just as quickly as they entered your mind, and vow that you will indeed “finish what you started” and find the facets of your style that truly move you to your core. To your core ladies!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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