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The world of beauty is a revolving door. Just when you feel like you’ve got a handle on your beauty routine, a new product comes along and knocks you off your feet. You’re left questioning if you are truly using the best products for your face, and if the time you’ve taken to build up your makeup bag has been in vain. Along with the constant spinning wheel of what’s in versus what’s out, keeping track of all the components worth focusing on to keep your skin and face looking fabulous can feel a bit daunting.

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(Pictured from left to right: Chanel Jous Contraste Blush- $43,; Tom Ford Lip Color- $48,; Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation- $62,


I come across more women than I want to count who have truly given up on their makeup routine. Some women find the process so frustrating that they confine their routine to lip gloss and mascara, for fear of how they’ll look when they finally do give eyeshadow yet another try. In all honesty, I get it, and there’s no shame in it. Fear of the unknown can be a powerful force, particularly in the realm of beauty where confidence is low for beginners. I’ve had women tell me they have gone as far as putting on eyeshadow, only to remove it because it looked “ridiculous.” But at the root of that feeling is again, nothing but fear. Spending day after day seeing yourself one way, only to venture out and look “drastically” different, you really may feel you see a ridiculous woman staring back at you. Meanwhile everyone else sees a fabulous woman that knows how to play up her eyes! Let’s breakdown my top beauty picks to get you off the beauty road to nowhere, and back on the path to fab style.

There are ten key areas worth knowing and loving in the world of beauty. It is these areas that once mastered will allow you to really venture out to the beauty counter with confidence. The last thing you ever want to do when getting a handle on your beauty routine is to just step up to any old counter with no clue as to what’s right and what’s wrong. The only time it’s acceptable to behave that way is when you know when the beauty stylist is telling you what’s real, versus what will make commission. Hold on to this list tight, walk into the store proud, and never let them sell you on a bag of nonsense that could truly leave you looking like a clown.

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1. Lipstick & gloss- I have searched high (and some very low) places in the name of lipstick research. Frankly my lips are exhausted. Fabulous, but exhausted! When it comes to lipstick, the quiet cult favorite that offers amazing staying power and crucial shades to boot is Tom Ford. I recommend gravitating towards their mauve family, which is centered on Pink Adobe, Indian Rose, and Casablanca. As for lip gloss, no one, and I mean no one does it better than Chanel. Hands down their colors blow me away. Lip gloss is the kind of thing you want to put on and feel obligated to stare at your lips afterward as you fight back a smile. Here is where you shall begin love. Look to the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Troublant and Impertinence, and Chanel’s Glossimers for a lighter version.

2. Blush- Blush is what gives your cheeks life, and when all else fails, adding a bit of beautiful blush can brighten even the dimmest of days. The issue with poorly blended blushes is they don’t look natural. They don’t blend well into your natural skin tone, and almost look like you dared to pick up your child’s chalk and go to town. It is Chanel who takes the top spot here, with beautiful shades such as Plum Attraction (mauve) and Frivole (coral) to offer a subtle hint of life and light to your look.

3. Foundation- Searching for foundation is one of those tedious tasks that I loathe doing. First you have to get matched up, and as the stylist applies the shade to your face, if their foundation isn’t up to snuff (which believe me they won’t tell you!), you have to sit there with horrific foundation on your face until you can get to a sink to wash that nuisance of a nightmare away. Look no further for fabulous foundation than the Giorgio Armani counter. Giorgio’s Maestro foundation is serious beauty business ladies, and will truly change your perspective on wearing foundation. It is literally as light as organza on the skin, and offers amazing coverage with very little product. This is the type of foundation you can wear all day and feel not in the least bit bothered by it, which is key when committing to apply anything all over your face!

4. Nail Polish- While I could go over my top picks for nail colors, I would be doing you a major disservice, as it is the products you choose to put on before and after your nail polish that make all the difference in the world. Base coats and top coats ladies, that’s where the beauty knowledge you need to know exists. The base coat is everything, as it is what both protects and strengthens your nails. I used to be of the mind that one base coat would suffice…now I know better! Depending upon the state of your nails, focusing on up to three base coats can completely turn your nails around. It has been the magic trio of three base coats that has totally changed my nails around for the better: Mavala Scientifique Base Coat (apply to tips only), Rejuvacote (apply second onto entire nail), and Mavala 002 Base Coat (apply third onto entire nail). Following with two shades of nail color, you will need to close with a crucial top coat, and nothing is more crucial than Mavala’s Colorfix Top Coat! This top coat is bendable, which means if your nail bends or you happen to bang it, that polish is staying put! It is completely obsess-worthy and a must have to shut down your polish. Remember to allow this top coat thirty minutes to dry, and reapply one coat the following day for maximum staying power.

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Stay tuned next week as I cover the last six crucial picks to a fabulous beauty routine. You don’t want to miss coverage on the eyes, and the top ways to avoid chalky eyeshadow, wrinkled skin, and spider eyelashes!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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