McDonald’s Rolling Out Egg White Delight McMuffin Nationwide April 22

by | March 13, 2013 at 2:27 PM | Food


Egg whites will be available on McMuffins and other breakfast sandwiches.

By Dan Myers, Editor

McDonald’s will be rolling out their Egg White Delight, a yolk-free version of their Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich, in locations nationwide starting April 22, the company has confirmed to The Daily Meal.

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The breakfast sandwich, which contains 250 calories (compared to the Egg McMuffin’s 300) was tested in Atlanta and Austin markets last November.

The egg whites are cooked free-form on the griddle with a spatula (as opposed to the more common microwaved version sold by competitors including Dunkin’ Donuts), and will join a slice of white cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon on a whole-grain English muffin. Egg whites will also be made available on all the other breakfast sandwiches the company offers.

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“We’ve been listening to our customers, and they want premium options,” McDonald’s external communications manager Tyler Litchenberger told The Daily Meal. “We can’t just limit egg whites to one menu item. We want to provide variety, and the ability to customize anything. We’ll even not add salt to your fries if you want.”

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The company will also be introducing a few additional menu items within the next few months: Premium McWraps in three varieties — chicken and bacon, chicken and ranch, and sweet chile chicken — will be available nationally March 18, and McCafé blueberry pomegranate smoothies will hit menus May 15.

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