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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

We all go through times and stages of life where you just want to be comfortable.  For some, it’s just one day of the week.  For others, it can be years where you need to find “comfort” in your daily wardrobe.  The problem?  Comfort is a slippery slope.  Making purchases in the name of comfort can quickly lead you down a dark path of holey sweat pants and oversized t-shirts.  Before you know it, you can find yourself completely lost as to what you should actually be buying, versus the nightmare pieces you’ve been purchasing.  Let’s delve into the idea of comfort, and focus on ways to maintain a sense of style and comfort!

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(Pictured above (left to right): Free People Capital Peplum Jacket- $148, Free People First Dance Tunic- $68, both sold by


From the bottom…

So many women begin their path to comfort, only to find themselves lost, by focusing on the wrong type of pants.  While sweat pants seem like the most common culprit, it’s really elastic waist pants that do the most style damage.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the draw.  1) You don’t have to focus on your shape 2) You slide them on no muss-no fuss 3) No paying for that dietary cupcake or French fries decision.  It makes life a bit easier.  Here’s the problem ladies:  Elastic waist pants give you zero shape, and in turn give you nothing to feel confident about when faced with your bottom half.  When looking for comfort, it’s important to focus on bottoms that will still give you shape.  Leggings are the most obvious solution to this problem.  A year-round wardrobe investment, you can most certainly rock out leggings with tunic tops and remain comfortable.  An out of the box style solution would be pants that offer a naturally loose fit, but in a chic way.  Emerson Fry’s Silk Lee Pants are meant to offer a loose fit, but because of the low pockets and fitted ankles, they come off looking anything but lazy and all things fabulous.  Another perfect option is to keep your focus on boyfriend jeans.  As style and comfort can be difficult to put into the same sentence, the same can be said for jeans and comfort.  There is a natural tendency to gravitate towards fitted jeans on your search, when the truth is that a pair of loose fit boyfriend jeans can come off much more stylish (and comfortable!) than the alternative.  To date, no designer has done it better than Current/Elliott’s Boyfriend Jeans.  It’s the kind of chic-comfort that becomes addictive, and easily the perfect go-to, as you can dress the jeans down with flats or up with heels.

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To the top…

When looking to maintain comfort and style on your top half, there are certain characteristics you always want to be mindful of.  First and foremost, pass on the plain crewneck tees.  They offer zero dimension to your top half, and almost always come off boring.  Instead, keep your focus on prints with interesting style details.  Cotton tops with fun prints and interesting design details, that’s the ticket.  They not only allow you to keep comfort in your wardrobe, but provide you the option to dress up as necessary.  This is the definition of versatility in your wardrobe, and knowing how to stretch your style dollars to boot!  For example, Free People’s First Dance Tunic is made of cotton, has a classic polka dot print, and offers a ruffle hem to add that fun detail needed to jump from basic to fab!  While this top is meant to hang loose and not really create shape, you maximize your comfort and still maintain your style by layering the tunic with a lightweight jacket that will create structure and accent your shape (see example Free People Capital Jacket pictured above).  You’re still comfortable, but you’ve maintained a strong sense of style in the process.  Not to mention, this look works perfectly with leggings and boots/ballet flats (ummm…comfortable).  Simple and easy, all without sacrificing your style to achieve it!

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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