The Best Classic Baby Names

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Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Katherine Heigl and more celebrity moms all gave their daughters classic girl names.

By Sasha Emmons,

If Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Katherine Heigl and more celebrity moms all gave their daughters classic girl names are any indication, granny-chic vintage baby names are a trend that’s only getting bigger. These celeb moms all chose old-fashioned classic girl names for their daughters, names that our grandmothers — or even great-grandmothers — might have had.

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Why are vintage baby names so popular again? These names stand the test of time while also being unique since they’re not as popular now as they once were. If you’re expecting a girl, here are some of our favorite granny-chic vintage baby names:

Vivian/Vivienne: Both Giselle and Rosie Pope recently chose alternate spelling this moniker, infused with Hollywood glamour. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have started the trend when they chose it for one of their twins. It means “lively.”

Rosalind: Often associated with Shakespeare’s As You Like it, Rosalind was the name Uma Thurman chose for her third child. It’s an ancient Germanic name, meaning “gentle horse.”

Gloria: Maggie Gyllenhaal went with this classic, which means “glory,” for her second daughter.

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 SadieMeaning “princess,” the name Sadie will also forever be linked to the Beatles, who name-checked it in “Sexy Sadie” off the White Album. We’re not sure if she’s a fan of the Fab Four, but Christina Applegate chose it for her daughter back in 2011.

Olive: Isla Fisher glommed on to this name for her first child in 2007, but Drew Barrymore solidified its appeal when she chose it for her daughter last year. Meaning “the tree and its fruit,” it’s a perfectly quirky pick for the actress.

Mila: Jenna Bush Hagar wasn’t just inspired by grandma-like names, she named her daughter after her actual grandmothers. Margaret Laura Bush Hagar – Mila for short — carries on a family tradition; both Jenna and twin sister Barbara were also named after their grandmothers.

EmmaPretty much the personification of the trend, Emma, which means “universal,” was a top name in the early 1900s but gradually fell off until the late 70s, when it started making its way back up. It’s now the 3rd most popular baby name.

Hazel: Meaning the color or a hazel tree, Julia Roberts was ahead of the trend when she chose it for one of her twins way back in 2004.

LilyThis floral pick, meaning the “lily flower,” was popular in the early part of the century before it fell out of favor. But it’s back with a vengeance, now the 15th most popular baby name for a girl.

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Stella: Despite fears that the name will also be used in conjunction with an exclamation point (Stella!) due to its connection to “A Streetcar Named Desire,” this name, which means “star,” was in when the Social Security Administration started keeping track of names in 1912. It fell out in the ’80s and ’90s, but was 73 on the list in 2011.

Clara: This old-fashioned name hit a low in 1978 but has steadily been climbing back up. It means “brilliant” – who wouldn’t want their child to have that quality?

LydiaThis fluid Greek name, which means “woman from Ludia,” hit a low in the 70s but has been on an upswing ever since, cracking the top 100 at 96 in 2001.

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