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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

So much of finding and maintaining your own perfect style is centered on motivation.  You have to feel motivated to want to hunt.  To want to seek and search out the beautiful things in this life.  After all, it’s rare for an entire wardrobe encompassed of one fabulous piece after another to just fall into your lap.  It just NEVER happens!

I take myself as a current example.  While I’m likely one of the most OB-SESSED people with style and fashion you’ll ever meet, the one and only factor that can ever put those feelings to a grinding halt is pregnancy.  Currently pregnant with my third child, my desire to shop is at an all-time low.  Let’s be honest, not much is going to fit now and continue to fit through the next 9 months.  So the rational side of my brain says, “Shop? I’d rather take a nap!”  But fashion and style is not always rational, and what can never be forgotten is that the longer you step away from your style, the harder it will be to find it when you’re ready to pick it back up.

So with pregnancy in mind, and any and every factor that takes your mind away from who you are visually, let’s cover some ways to keep fabulous as a viable option even if “The Thrill is Gone.”

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Pictured above (from left to right): J.Crew Café Capri Pants- $39.99-$59.99,; Kate Spade Locked In Studs- $33,


“Calling all budget shoppers”

No matter if your budget is big or small, at the end of the day most of us live on some type of style budget.  A big part of being able to still shop with no motivation in the queue is focusing your attention on lower price points.  “Why?”  Because who in the world wants to spend a ton of money on style when you don’t even feel like thinking about it in the first place?!?  It’s always easier to rationalize a pair of $30 polka dot flats than it is to stomach the same pair of flats for $130.  It feels like less of a dent in your budget, aka less of an annoyance.  Of course, the rush of adrenaline in discovering a fab find on sale doesn’t hurt either.  It’s that rush that serves as your temporary motivation when the real desire in you has faded.  Finding the sales worth mentioning is all about strategy.

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Do you shop at the beginning, middle, or end of the season?  While shopping at the end tends to get a bad rap, it is really the best time when you have no sense of style urgency.  To break this down a bit, understand that in the beginning of the season, a good chunk of what sells out initially tends to be trendy.  For someone looking to build a lasting wardrobe, this ticket to ride wasn’t for you anyway.  You want longevity, and the most essential wardrobe pieces will not sell out before the end of the season.  Instead, they will go on sale for 50-70% off.  To really stay on top of the game, you must ask yourself a few key questions regarding your sale purchase.

Let’s take a floral print tunic top for example.  If you’re someone like me, who at the moment knows that not much will continue to fit, I have to ask myself a few key questions:  1. Will the longer length of this top cover the massive belly and bottom that is on the horizon? (your question would be whether or not the top fits your current body shape)  2. Will this top carry me from spring-summer to fall-winter? (layered appropriately, yes)  3. Do I love this top, particularly since I don’t even feel like looking at clothes to begin with? (yes, and I love the sale price to boot!)  These are the questions that must be asked when buying at the end of the season.  You must always take into account your body shape, seasonal wear factor, and love of the item in question.

“Just a Spoonful of Sugar…”

Mary Poppins was likely correct when she sang “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  Working on your style can feel like taking medicine when you’re not in the mood to even care.  Whether your reasons are based on health, family life, work, or limited budget, that deep voice resonating through your bones urging you to give up the style fight can easily drown out the quieter voice saying “just take a quick look in the store.”

When focusing on your style feels like taking medicine, you have to figure out exactly what your spoonful of sugar is.  For every woman it can be different.  For some, it’s having daughters, and knowing that no matter how unmotivated you feel, you are their example of what it will mean to love the reflection looking back at you.  For others, it’s the sense of knowing that owning at least one pair of jeans that doesn’t make you look like flattened box from the back will keep you from jumping off a “style cliff!”  Whatever your “spoon” is, you must dig deep and find it, as the alternative will leave you with nothing but desperation and confusion down the road.  As someone who works with women day in and out who never found their “spoon” when they needed it most, I can guarantee you that!

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So as I find myself in constant need of a nap and hearing nothing but B.B. King singing “The thrill is gone…” every time I consider shopping, even I have to switch style stations in my mind to Julie Andrews and her melodic notions that no matter how much you fight what you need, finding helpful ways to push through will serve you best in the long run.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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