5 Things No One Told Us About Getting Botox


From wrinkles to migraines to happy faces, women share why they jumped on the Botox bandwagon.

By Jeannette Moninger

It’s not just Real Housewives and Hollywood stars who want to stay youthful. In 2012, a record-setting 6.1 million Americans (94 percent of them women) received Botox injections. While some turn to the procedure to fight migraines or excessive sweating, the majority simply want to look younger.

Here, women reveal the good, the bad and the ugly truth they learned from getting Botox.

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Beware the Dog Face
“I loved how Botox softened my crow’s feet, so I tried it for frown lines between my brows. The effects were great — until I cried (and I cry often out of joy, sadness, hormonal reasons, you name it!). My inner eyebrows stayed the same, but the lower sections moved down giving me a basset hound appearance. I am an emotionally expressive person, so I will not be repeating that procedure.” —Stacey, age 45

It Can Cure Your ‘Anger’ Problem
“The deep crease between my eyebrows always made me look angry even when I was in great spirits. Without that line, I look so much more relaxed and youthful—happy even!”—Tina, age 48

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 Your Face Might Spasm
“When my Botox started to wear off, it felt like my forehead was having muscle spasms and contracting my eyebrows up toward my scalp. Thankfully, these spasms weren’t noticeable to others, but the sensation (which lasted for days) was very strange and really annoying.” —Sarah, age 44

You’ll Start Seeing Wrinkles Everywhere
“Since starting Botox, I’m very aware of how wrinkly other people’s foreheads are. But I would never tell my friends that.” —Ashlie, age 21

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This Is Not the Time to Bargain Hunt
“I once experienced significant swelling after going to an inexperienced clinician. Ask your friends who they recommend and make sure the technician is well trained.” —Marisa, age 51

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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