The Worst Kinds of People on the Sidewalk

by | July 17, 2013 at 12:52 PM | Relationships


The sidewalk may end, but the number of annoying people traveling it never does. Meet the 10 most annoying types of people you’ll pass on your daily commute.

By Drew DiSabatino,

1. The Person Who Walks the Same Pace As You
What do you do? Speed up? Slow down? And what do you do when you accidentally graze hands? Functioning in society is hard.

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2. The Slow Walker
Also known as “The Tourist,” the Slow Walker is notorious for staying directly in front of you, no matter how you try to sidestep her. Slow Walkers can often be identified by their maps, their inability to text while walking, or by just generally being the worst.

3. The Instagrammer
The Instagrammer can’t really help that a flower has poetically fallen into her path, but she can help the fact that the middle of the sidewalk is not the best place to crop or choose a filter for that photo. #Move it over to the side, people.

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4. The Large Umbrella
Though nobody enjoys getting drenched in a downpour, you should always regulate your umbrella size to roughly that of an adult human. The Large Umbrella-er chooses a weapon big enough to cover a family of four, a dog and the entire newsstand when they stop for a paper. They keep the entire sidewalk dry, and keep you constantly worried about poking an eye out.

5. The Random Stopper
Just when you think the foot traffic is moving along nicely you run smack dab into a Random Stopper — who has chosen the middle of the sidewalk to ponder her lunch options, change her status update or (tourist alert!) wonder just exactly where the hell she is.

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