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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

If I had to think back and try to count the number of women I’ve consulted whose closets would define them as “The One-Note Chick,” I honestly don’t think I could.  I’m talking about the woman who buys all of her clothing from one store, one designer…one sad label.  Not knowing any better, you would think she had purchased stock in the company, or at least worked there in a former life and took that employee discount way too far!  While I’m all for finding what works, the possibility that what works for you only exists in one store is preposterous.  Whether you’re reading this and wondering “Am I that chick?” or you simply want to avoid that label, here are a few style tips to steady your path.

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“It’s a numbers game.”

It is time for your first style quiz ladies.  Look down at what you’re wearing and count the number of stores or designers you have on.  For example, if your shirt, pants, and shoes are all from different stores, or from one store but all made by different designers then that means your number is three.  The opposite example:  If you look at your ensemble and everything is from the same store/designer, your number is one.  Shirt and pants designed by the same designer, but different shoes, your number is two.  If you are someone who can even mildly accessorize (if you can’t now is the time to start), then you should be including at least one accessory in your count, but it must be one that you can expect to be rotated regularly (i.e. bangles are a yes, wedding rings are a NO).  If you’re wearing a dress, you should always plan to accessorize, so your count will hit at least three with the dress, shoes, and accessories.  With the rules laid out and your number in your mind, the number you should always strive for is three or more.  At any given point, no matter where you’re headed off to, your look should be made up of at least three different stores/designers.  Anything less and you have just turned into the one-note chick.  As for the reasoning, it’s simple:  anything less than three means that you’re not exploring all the style world has to offer, and in turn missing out on amazing finds.  No one store or designer can speak to who you are as a dynamic individual.  We are all complex with different sides to our personalities, so how then could one designer encompass all those traits.  It’s impossible!  When I look down at my look for the day, I see a Maison Scotch graphic tee, Joie pants, Kate Spade flats, and See by Chloe bangles, which means my number is four.  If I had decided to wear a Kate Spade top instead (very plausible), my number would still be at three, totally acceptable.  This means that even if I have a dominant designer in my wardrobe, it still doesn’t overtake the numbers game, and I’ve avoided the trap of the one-note chick.

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“Shopping from your inner-core.”

One fact that is commonly missed among women who shop that leads to the curse of the one-note chick is missing the common denominator of shopping: love.  Loving every single piece you purchase.  Style love that makes your heart beat faster when you try it on, and butterflies when you imagine wearing it the next day and how FAB you’re going to look.  You must decide here and now that every single piece you purchase will be driven by love, and nothing else.  Not driven by necessity, as in “I have to go to this event/function and have nothing to wear.”  Not driven by practical reasons, such as “I really need some work clothes, let me just go ahead and buy these tops for that purpose.”  When driven by other factors, this is where the sacrifice of your style occurs.  On the altar your style goes, to be delivered up (or shall I say down?) and never seen again.  It’s a sad compromise that is realized seasons later after you’ve walked into that dreadful store not because of love, but because you’re desperate and out of options.  You curse your style the same day you put it on the altar, and the one-note chick you become, doomed to own a closet full of useless clothing and each morning shaking your head as you find you have “nothing to wear.”  Sounds horrific right?  This is the final destination when you refuse to shop from the personality inside that drives you and pushes you towards pieces you truly love.

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I’m always elated when I meet a woman who lived the life of a one-note chick, only to be awaken (or shaken) out of her style coma.  Confidence and happiness abound, and she is a style light to all those around her.  Buy what you love, wear what you love, and refuse to ever put yourself on the altar in the name of ease and practicality!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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