Superfood Broccoli to Keep You Forever Young

by | August 5, 2013 at 11:34 AM | Food, Health


Apparently, a new type of broccoli helps up your metabolism and fight aging.

By Jessica Chou, Editor

Regular old broccoli just isn’t good enough anymore. The AAP reports that there’s a new type of broccoli in town, this one with more than two times the amount of anti-aging compound glucoraphanin. Sorry, boring broccoli.

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Word is that Beneforté broccoli, which was developed through cross-pollination and selection to combine commercial broccoli with wild broccoli, has an increased ability to produce more phytonutrients like glucoraphanin, nutrients which often help improve the performance of m itochondria cells.

“Tiny energy generators in cells called mitochondria, which become less efficient with age, were given a new lease of life and had their performance improved,” AAP reports.

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 Researchers tested the effects of Beneforté, recruiting 48 volunteers to have them eat either Beneforté, regular broccoli, or peas for three months. The resulting blood tests found that the Beneforté group had improved metabolism, and less inflammation in their blood.

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Other “cruciferous” vegetables with glucoraphanin include kale, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, but Beneforté even out-crucifers those. According to the website, Beneforté has 270 percent of the glucaoraphanin found in regular broccoli; kale only has 1 percent of what regular broccoli has. We guess the kid-friendly classic wins this round.

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