FAB Fall Trends…No Matter Your Age

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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of Category5Style.com

With the onset of September and 300-page fashion magazines on every newsstand screaming “It’s Fall…It’s Fall,” you would have to be living under a massive rock not to know that the year’s biggest season is finally here.  While I typically take a very “and why should I care?” approach to new seasons (and I’m not the only one!), I always respect the coming of fall.  It is without a doubt the biggest fashion season of the year, where you can and should expect to be truly moved by what you see in the stores.  So with why you should care answered, the next inevitable hurdle is figuring out exactly how you’re supposed to navigate through the obnoxious number of trends thrown your way.  I say obnoxious because for any woman that doesn’t live and breathe fashion, the choices can feel like too many, and picking from the vast array of trends can prove fatal in fashion.  We all have at least one “season” in life where we clearly were on a planet of style we’d like to never visit again.  So to ensure you don’t find yourself on some God forsaken planet of style that will leave you in shame a year from now, here are my top hits, and one obnoxious miss.

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(From left to right: Free People Easy Pleat Pants- $78; Free People Plaid Cocoon Wool Coat- $348, www.freepeople.com)


“Elastic Waist Pants…Really?”

If you aren’t new to my column then you know I have always held a special place of loathing in my heart for elastic waist pants.  Typically sold in some rancid set in a store encompassing the name barn or bin, elastic waist pants have served women as an easy out to dealing with their curves.  Hiding all the beauty underneath, elastic waist pants have served as a disservice to baby boomers for more years than I can count.  But, the times they are “a changing” and with this change designers have found a way to take a hideous no and turn it into a beautiful yes.  To begin, the cut of the elastic waist pant is much more tailored than ever before.  Instead of serving as a paper bag, the cut of the new elastic waist pant is slimmer, yet not so tight that the chic-factor is removed.  In addition, truly beautiful shades have emerged, such as emerald green and spicy orange, which enable you to mix and match your color choices in an exciting way.  Of course of all the changes, it is the material of the pant that has changed the most, as designers finally moved away from that scratchy psychotic linen feel to smoother silkier fabrics, which enable the pants to lay claim to your curves instead of camouflaging them.  Free People’s Easy Pleat Pants are an amazing example to begin with.

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“It always comes back to plaid…”

No matter how many “new” trends you may see this season, one trend that will continue to stand the test of time is plaid.  What that means to you is this, if you have been even remotely playing in the style game over the last few years, this is a trend you already have waiting in your wardrobe.  If not, it’s the easiest trend you’ll ever get on board with.  While plaid tops are a given, if you’re really looking to take plaid to the next level, choose bigger wardrobe pieces to sport this trend, such as a plaid coat.  Depending upon how truly FAB your coat is, you can stick to wearing the “essential” calmer pieces underneath and still make a statement.

“Ummm…it’s still just a sweatshirt”

My top pick for a new fall trend that I find to be completely obnoxious is the designer sweatshirt.  Consisting of nothing more than a cotton sweatshirt with a phrase across the front, these pieces are selling in the $100 and up range.  Even crazier…people are actually buying them!  Can we just break down what a sweatshirt really is?  It’s a SWEAT….shirt.  You wear them to sweat.  You wear them to workout.  You wear them to be super casual on your way to the grocery store.  Most importantly, you spend like $18 on them, not $150.  Purchasing a piece that will do my shape zero justice, and whose sole purpose is just for me to hide out in while I…ummmm…sweat, only makes sense when I’m using it for that intended purpose.  Designers selling women this expensive trend as a “go-to” for fall?  I have to go back to the best word I know to describe it:  Obnoxious.  Save your money and pass on this “trend.”

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Stay tuned for more fall trend breakdowns, including the top beauty trends that hit (and of course miss!)

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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