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September 22nd kicked off the first official day of fall, and was really the final confirmation needed that beautiful leather boots and crisp cotton jackets are in the near style future.  Of course if you’re totally obsessed like me, you’ve been looking for any reason in the world to rock out a scarf as an ode to fall!  If you’re just beginning to get a grasp on this new season, you couldn’t help but notice that left and right we’re being inundated with new trends.  My stance has always been very transparent when it comes to trends:  Just because it’s called a trend and it’s on the rack doesn’t mean you should buy it!  Many women get into all kinds of style trouble thanks to “trends” they dared to try.  The bottom line is that not all trends are indeed fabulous, and more importantly they don’t all work for where you are on your style path.  Check out a trend that you can’t go wrong trying, one that is “touch and go,” and another that is SO worth passing on.

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(From left to right: Aqua Cardigan – Stud Shoulder Open Plaited- $78,; Joseph Boat Neck Stripe Top with Leather Elbows- $215,


“Omne Trium Perfectum”
“Omne Trium Perfectum” or translated from Latin “every set of three is complete,” perfectly describes this first crucial trend, which is centered on three colors:  burgundy, navy, and olive.  If you do nothing else this season, know that you’ll be on the right path if your wardrobe encompasses these colors.  With a sense of class, luxury, and maturity, each of these colors embody the true beauty of fall.  Burgundy is a beautifully rich shade that speaks to strong warmth and strength.  Ummm…love that!  More times than not, if you see the shade burgundy paired with another color, it will indeed be navy.  Navy is the single best alternative to black, and speaks to calmness, and tranquility.  Again…love that!  Finally, the shade olive, signifies peace and caring (you know what I’ll say already).  Outside of the FAB significance of these shades, every woman will find that at least one of these shades is complimentary to their skin tone.  For example, women with red hair and fair skin should definitely gravitate to all three colors, as well as women with darker skin tones.  Women with olive skin tones will also find great pairings with each of these three shades.  In terms of pairing together, burgundy and navy are showstoppers, as well as navy and olive.

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 “Mixed media…mixed messages”
If you’ve seen them already but didn’t know the official name, mixed media pieces are EVERYWHERE, and signify pieces that make up multiple materials/textures.  For example, a cotton top with leather accents at the shoulders and sleeves is considered a mixed media top.  Black leggings with leather patches at the front or sides are also considered mixed media.  You will find this super-popular trend just about everywhere, as it’s a great way to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe.  A lot of women write me and complain of feeling like they look older than they are or dress older than they really are, and for those women I really want to point out this trend.  As very few women can pull off all leather pieces without looking like “Xena, The Warrior Princess,” this is a great alternative to add some life and youth back into your wardrobe without going overboard.  Bits of leather here and there is edgy and sexy, no matter your age.  Now, the mixed messages part comes into play because many women prefer low maintenance clothing, so it’s important to note that while I truly love this trend for all women, you should be prepared that dry cleaning IS the path you will be taking for this trend.  As such, I recommend not going overboard and instead opt to stay at 1-2 pieces for this trend (unless you love paying an arm and a leg at the dry cleaner).

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“Does that description say haircalf?”
OK.  You know me, I can’t go into FAB trends without discussing at least one trend that I label as “obnoxious.”  For this trend, I’m actually going to opt for the three letters…T-A-N! (That’s A NO)  I am so sorry, but walking around in shoes that are covered in dyed calf hair ( aka haircalf, code for cow hair), or carrying bags covered in calf hair, seems beyond freaky and I just don’t get it.  On what planet and in what time did looking like you’re carrying around a miniature cow (dressed like a zebra) become the “go-to” trend?  Apparently on planet Earth in 2013.  I’m going to highly recommend that unless you want to be that chick that two years from now looks in the back of her wardrobe only to find those sad haircalf boots sitting there (looking more like a calf with rabies), pass on this trend as if your style life depends on it!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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