Protect Your Teeth From Soda

by | October 9, 2013 at 10:13 AM | Drink, Health


By Rachel Stein, Simply Stated by

When you’re craving a soft drink, the last thing you need is a lecture—actually, a lecture may be the second-to-last thing. A dental bill, on the other hand? That’s definitely at the bottom of the list.

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According to Anthony Iacopino, a dentist and Winnipeg, Manitoba–based spokesperson for the American Dental Association, “The acid content in soda erodes enamel.” To prevent hurting your teeth, use a straw to limit the liquid’s contact, and be sure to give your mouth a quick rinse with water after you drink.

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Another tip: Don’t brush your teeth immediately after consuming acidic drinks (or food, for that matter). The process can, surprisingly, worsen erosion.

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