Single and Hungry? Cafe Lets You Dine With Stuffed Animals

by | April 23, 2014 at 10:46 AM | Food, Relationships

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Japan’s Moomin Café allows single diners to sip some coffee across from giant (and adorable) stuffed animals so they don’t feel as lonely.

By Joanna Fantozzi, Editor

Solitary dining wouldn’t be so bad if you could sit across from a stuffed hippo wearing a top hat. Or would it be worse? Japan’s Moomin Café is trying to convince diners that eating single doesn’t have to feel so solitary by seating them across from stuffed versions of the beloved international children’s book characters called Moomins, which resemble hippopotamuses.

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Moomin Café itself resembles a scene out of a child’s teatime, with adorable and colorful furniture, and lattes topped with Moomin steam milk creations and tiny cookies.

“The waitress had such a big smile on her face, I couldn’t say no,” Twitter user Haru told Rocket News about being introduced to one of the stuffed animals. “But it was also so cute!”

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 The news has been gaining attention on social media lately, but Moomin Café, which has locations throughout Japan, has had this policy since 2003.

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