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By Lauren Deloach, Editor of

No matter where you fall in terms of style knowledge and know-how, one universal nugget is that the two biggest style seasons of the year are spring and fall.  These are the seasons we have come to count on to produce great fashion.  I mean, it’s not like there’s a whole lot to care about in summer when it’s 100 degrees or winter when it’s 20 degrees.  Those extreme weather temps eliminate the bulk of your options.  But spring, now that’s supposed to be our time of renewal.  A time to exfoliate that winter layer on the face, nix the scarf, and emerge as a dewy-faced creature of FAB.  Unfortunately, this is where we pump our brakes.  What in the world happened?!?  Everywhere I go I’m seeing mesh tops, sweatshirts, crop tops, stonewash, fanny packs…yes…I just said fanny packs!  What happened?  On what planet was it safe to go back to fanny packs and stonewash???  I feel like we’re in some type of “sign of the times” scenario, and every morning when I make my morning web rounds to check out new arrivals my spring hopes are dashed.  I have transformed into a being I rarely like to become and only morph into under extreme duress…a clothing snob.  I have been provided with no other alternative!  Now, there are rules to being a clothing snob.  Follow these rules and you can make it out of spring 2014 with your style dignity intact and extra dollars in your account.

(Pictured from left to right: Zara Floral Lace Top- $79.90,; RED Valentino Pleated Floral Skirt- $425,

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Rule #1- ABSOLUTELY turn up your nose when shopping!

When you’re out shopping in stores or online, if you’re looking at a style and your nose instinctually turns up, go with that.  No matter how clueless you think you may be, a nose turn can’t be denied and frankly there’s a lot to turn your nose up at this season.  Don’t buy simply because there’s nothing else, and you’ve convinced yourself you have to invest your style dollars somewhere this season.  Necessity is NOT the mother of invention right now, and there simply isn’t a universe where you can invent the notion that rocking out a mesh tank top is reasonable.  Unless you’re immediately OB-SESSED (and you have to have the urge to take that pause in the middle of the word), put that nose in the air and keep walking.

Rule #2- ABSOLUTELY live in the past!

I know…I know.  “If you live in the past you’ll never find your future.”  This season that quote is a lie!  You most certainly should live in the past and focus on classic spring styles you pulled off last season.  Put away your credit card and rock out what’s already hanging in your closet.  Now, if by chance the only thing you “pulled off” last season was a credit on the “That’s a NO!” list, then it’s time to get yourself over to websites like HauteLook or Gilt.  These sites boast styles from the previous season at slashed prices, and offer a great way to stock up on classics worth your time.  I was recently able to snag a top by Equipment I was OB-SESSED over last season but unwilling to pay the price for.  Remember though, you have to shop fast on these websites.  Prices are low, and for women that are dedicated to style on a budget, the stakes are high.  Thus the best pieces typically sell out within the first five to ten minutes.

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Rule #3- ABSOLUTELY live for the trends that will never die!

There are two warm weather trends that will always have a place in a FAB woman’s closet:  lace and florals.  Let’s break this down for a sec.  Lace is a fabric that was created in the late 15thcentury.  Yes, you read correctly, the flippin 15th century!  Any fabric that can stay relevant for six centuries clearly belongs in your closet.  Whether you’re rocking out a purple lace top with a high-low hem (think, or white lace pants (think Alice + Olivia), you will definitely be on the right track when you click-buy.  As for florals, there isn’t a style universe that can thrive without at least one FAB floral skirt or top.  I have to give it to RED Valentino this year for creating their own beautiful in-house floral print that is a true heartbreaker…the Macroflower print.  Of course you’re gonna pay for it (think $400…ouch)!  A palatable alternative is most definitely Gap’s Floral Chambray Shirt which combines two worthwhile trends in one as chambray has carried over from fall as a must.

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As the weather continues to warm up and my hope for spring fashion continues to cool down, hold tight to your directives ladies!  Stay snobby this season and you’ll be sure to avoid those horrid flashbacks so many of us have fallen victim to over the years.  After all, it’s not like a woman is ever inclined to brag about the days she rocked out a mullet!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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