You Oughta Know: Plants, Sabbaticals, Baby Names and More

If you aren’t filling puny pots with plants, making fondue in a flash or donating all of your high heels, there’s a problem. You’re out of the lifestyle loop! Take a break from whatever you’re doing and let me catch you up.

These are the Internet gems you may have missed, but definitely shouldn’t have:


Who knew slapping a plant pun on a pot could be so darn cute? From “Stop. Hammer Thyme” to “Minter Is Coming,” the pop-culture planters would make the perfect hostess gift for the owner of the beach house you’re crashing this weekend. (Plant Puns)

This mind-opening podcast is about a successful author and businessman who swears that by working for four years and taking one year off allows him to get centered and be his best self. If you’re looking for a non-traditional way of becoming a better version of yourself, his inspirational story may just help you find it. (Creating Your Own Path)

Experts want you to ask yourself these seven important questions before naming your bundle of joy. The answers will help reveal the best fit for you and your family. (My Domaine)


Fancy fondue in just 15 minutes? Yes, please! By combining five simple ingredients, you will wow guests with this bubbling cheese dish. It’s time to call your girlfriends! (The Every Girl)

Will the article “Flatforms as Formal Wear: How I Said Goodbye to Heels Forever” lessen your infatuation with stilettos? You’ll learn how a single pair of platform sandals made one woman turn her back on high heels forever. (Racked)

Get ready to wipe the drool from your chin after seeing this midcentury makeover in Seattle, complete with a dramatic exterior, budget-friendly furniture and chunky Carrara marble. (Remodelista)

BONUS: Chip and Joanna Gaines reveal their biggest “Fixer Upper” mistake ever! And you thought this adorable couple could do no wrong.


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