Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and Vetstreet Veterinary Board Member Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, who is also a board-certified veterinary oncologist, reviews some of the important signs that can help you save your pet’s life. By Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, In a recent article, I compared the common types of cancer in pets with those found in people. My next […]

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Soda Ages Our Cells as Much as Smoking

Study: 20 ounces a day is associated with 4.6 years of aging By Matt Cantor, Newser Staff Drink a 20-ounce soda daily, and you may be causing your cells to age as much as they would if you smoked, a study suggests. Researchers investigated DNA from 5,309 adults, focusing on telomeres, the caps on the ends […]

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The 5 Best and Worst States for Girls to Grow Up

By Krystal Steinmetz, MoneyTalksNews Some U.S. states are better than others for raising a daughter, according to “The State of Girls: Thriving or Surviving,” a report by the Girl Scout Research Institute. The analysis examined physical health and safety, emotional health, economic well-being, education and extracurricular activities, as well as demographic trends. “It has to […]

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