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Thrill of Shopping Gone? What to Do

So with pregnancy in mind, and any and every factor that takes your mind away from who you are visually, let’s cover some ways to keep fabulous as a viable option even if “The Thrill is Gone.”

Spring Trends That Hit (and Miss)

Focusing on the right trends means you’ll look beyond fabulous each season, while investing in trends that don’t suit your style will have you looking (and feeling) completely out of place. Let’s cover my first round of spring trends that are a hit, and one that is such a miss!

Facing Your Fashion Failures of Years Gone By

Let’s be honest ladies. Where did you fail in 2012? Did you have absolutely no style, wandering aimlessly in a cloud of horrific style and surrounded by mom jeans and oversized t-shirts? Did you fail to move to the next level in your style, mastering the essentials like colorful pants with stretch and jersey cotton tees, but never moving to the next level with prints and accessories?