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What Is a Style Morpher?

“You can be what you want to be.” Is this really true in the world of style? Can you really take on any look you want, become almost a new person based solely on appearance?

The Weight of Style

What we have to get to the root of is that you must surround yourself with clothing that accents your figure, so that you feel beautiful, chic, and comfortable in your own skin.

Does Style Have an Age Limit?

There has been this long standing ideology that style has an age limit. That somehow when women reach “a certain age” it’s OK to begin giving up, because after all, “if the twenty-somethings are modeling the clothes they couldn’t possibly be speaking to me.”

Are We Style Liars?

In the year 2012, where women have basically been deemed the modern day superwoman who can do it all, why is it that in the style world so much of that confidence is lost?