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Are Cooking Shows Making Us Fat?

The search for the sources of the rising tide of obesity continues. Could cooking shows, with their telegenic celebrity chefs, perfect produce, and amazing kitchens be partly to blame? Or are they just symptoms of a preoccupation with food and cooking?

Inexperienced Doctors Are More Expensive

Doctors are on the front lines of medical cost containment. So the recent finding that younger, less experienced doctors “cost” us more money than older, more experienced ones may offer some clues to what it takes to cut medical expenses.

Tomatoes Lower the Risk of Stroke

Tomatoes are the most widely-consumed fruits and vegetables around. They are also our most significant source of the phytochemical, lycopene. A new study suggests that this most frequently consumed, non-starchy red fruit – or vegetable – and products made from it could help to lower the risk of stroke.