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Spring Trends, Part 2: Sexy, Classy and Fun

While part one had a heavy focus on bows and beautiful shades of jade and mint, this round’s focus is all about the feminine delicacies of spring. The pieces that leave you feeling simply beautiful, as if floating on air is no longer optional.

Spring Trends That Hit (and Miss)

Focusing on the right trends means you’ll look beyond fabulous each season, while investing in trends that don’t suit your style will have you looking (and feeling) completely out of place. Let’s cover my first round of spring trends that are a hit, and one that is such a miss!

8 Things No One Told Us About Getting a Tattoo

Before getting a tattoo you might want to read on. Who, for example, knew that pregnancy could make that dolphin on your belly look more like a manatee or that the sun might destroy your (maybe not so permanent) tattoo? Here are eight things to consider before you go under the needle.